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Self Defense Company Lebanon Promotes New Instructor

Self Defense Company Lebanon Promotes New Instructor

The Self Defense Company Lebanon promotes Ellie Saadeh to Level 1 Instructor.
Instructor Mario Karam is proud to announce another member of his team is promoted to Instructor. This is the third instructor promoted to the Self Defense Company
Lebanon – making Instructor Karam the most prolific Instructor in the last 2 years.

Instructor Saadeh brings a long and rich martial arts experience to the Self Defense Company Team.

Below is a list of his accomplishments.

•World Olympic games 

Kung fu Discipline 

5th place in the Olympic Games Beijing -2008 (China)

•World kung fu cup champion

May 2005-2006-2007

Gold medal in the World kung fu championship (Italy)

•Former World Champion in kung fu

Silver Medal in the world kung fu championship (Vietnam) – December 2005

•World kung fu Championship 

5th place in the world championship- November 2007 (China)

•Kung fu Arab champion

1st place in kung fu Arab championship (Jordan) – May 2003

•Former European champion in kung fu

Silver medal (Russia)- November 2004

•European Wushu Championship 

5th place in the European kung fu championship- October 2008 (Poland)

•Media choice award

Participating in the Kung fu star TV show in china-May 2006 

•Ninja warriors Arabia

Participating in the Ninja warriors Arabia TV program (Egypt)-December 2016 

National Rankings 

•Lebanese Kung Fu Champion

1st place-from 1997 till 2008

• Lebanese Universities Kung Fu Champion 

1st Place-from 2004 till 2008


•Class A Mixed Martial Arts Coach certified from the Lebanese MMA Federation – 2010 to present.

•Black belt 1st Duan in Jiujitsu  -November 2011 to present.

•Black belt 1st Dan in Judo -March 2014 to present.

•Black belt 3rd Dan in kung fu- June 2012 to Present.

•Black belt 3rd Dan in kickboxing (Lebanese and International Federation)- February 2015 to Present.

•Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ)-December 2015 to Present.

•Red-White Mongkol (KRU) in Thai boxing  (Lebanese and Arab Federation)-February 2017. 

Contact Instructor Karam at the Self Defense Company Lebanon.

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