Self Defense Company News, May 2019

Self Defense Company News, May 2019

Self Defense Company Lebanon inks a deal with prestigious University in Lebanon

Instructor Mario Karam and his team have done it again. After successfully training American University of Beirut (AUB)  students, professors, doctors & Alumnis

thanks to Director of University Sports Mr. Ghaleb Halimi.

The Lebanon Team be training & developing the AUB office of protection (security guards)  as well as holding bi-annual on campus workshops via Dean of Student Affairs Dr.

Talal Nizameddin &  Wellness Outreach Officer Mrs. Remy Elias.

The Self Defense Company is the first ever to offer tactical self-defense training in AUB history!!!  

Self Defense Company Instructor Summit Announced

August 10th and 11th to be held one hour north of Toronto Ontario Canada. 

With over 12 hours of training in the SDTS, these 2 days will help you develop and take your skills and business to the next level.

New Self Defense Company Instructors 

Self Defense Company Now in Orlando, Florida

Retired Police Chief, Tim Cherry is now holding Self Defense Training System classed in Orlando.

To learn More visit: https://www.facebook.com/Self-Defense-Company-Of-Orlando-2118680651592648/

Self Defense Company, San Bernardino, CA

US Navy Veteran, International Muay Thai Coach, MMA trainer, and now, Self Defense Company Instructor Jashawn Jones is now holding classes in San Bernardino, Ca.

to learn More visit: https://www.facebook.com/theselfdefensecompanyIE/

Instructor Program Updates

NEW Active Threat/Active Shooter presentation is now complete and can be found in the Instructor Forum HERE <<


Mike “Rags” Ragsdale Instructor Level 1 – SDC Arkansas

Andres “Knuckles” Mariani Instructor Level 1 – SDC Arkansas 

Matt Parks SDTS Grade 5 by Instructor Kip Marsh SDC Ozarks

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