Self Defense Company Open Chat

Self Defense Company Open Chat

Self Defense Company Open Chat is the place for general topics and discussion on that effects the community. Post and you’ll get a quick(ish) answer.

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  1. Great way to learn and exchange info.
    Way back in 1964 when I started Martial Arts was a limited subject area to learn about.
    not all Instructors were willing to teach a full explanation or a complete picture of How-To use the Technique they showed.
    The rest was up to you, or else being a teachers favorite lol
    Boxing was good for feeling those loose teeth a few days after sparring lol
    Learning was through Practice & Pain !

    Although with the SD clips I can understand the process and see the visuals in action.
    A big problem was stop action photo’s that deprived us of the flow and movement of the action
    was used.
    No 8mm films, Internet, DVD’s or Cd’s to enhance learning !
    Now we can enjoy and learn in a open way thanks to SD open to watching here on the marvelous Internet.
    Looking forward to the future positive interactions ———

    1. Welcome to the Self Defense Company Brian. There are cerified instructors here to answer your questions every day.

  2. You got it Brian! First, thanks for making it here. Second…and this is what “traditionalists” don’t get – here everything is documented..forever. We don’t get sick, we don’t get old…heck we don’t even die!

    It’s right where you need it, when you need it.

    The class experience is great – developing friendships and bonds with your instructors and training partners creates a team environment. But it’s not sustainable for most people. Life has a tendency to get in the way. Work, family, health…something will pull you away.

    We’re always here and we have over 50 instructors (and we’re adding several every month now) who are here for you. So If I’m busy…someone will step up.

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