Self Defense Company Promotions

L 5

Instructor Level 5

OK Neal, Jr – Instructor George Hutchings

Nick Ossorgin – Instructor George Hutchings

L 3

Instructor Level 3

Duane Huffstutler – Instructor George Hutchings

Bry Galganski – Instructor George Hutchings

L 1

Instructor Level 1

K. Wayne Neil – Instructor George Hutchings

Delmus Pinkston – Instructor George Hutchings

Mark Hale – Instructor George Hutchings

SDTS Student Promotions

GR 3

SDTS Grade 3

Matthew Parks – Instructor Kip Marsh

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Self Defense Company Top Earners

George Hutchings

Mario Karam

Kip Marsh

Self Defense Company Achievement Awards 

Received 327211244584537

Brand Ambassador Badge

Mario Karam for his involvement and appearance at the film premier of Alita.

20180709 102326

B2B Badge

Mario Karam  for hosting event at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon coming this March.


Event Badge

Bry Galganski for hosting a Self Defense Seminar March 23, 2019.

35076757 221799241752574 4284675639530749952 N

Promotion Badge

Kip Marsh for promoting an SDTS student to Grade 3

Nick George

Develoployment Badge

George Hutchings for promoting two Level 5, one Level 3 and and three Level 1 Instructors last month.

Congratulations to everyone on their excellent work!

Damian Ross

The Self Defense Company

Instructorbadge Tp

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