Self Defense is FREEDOM and how it's slowly being taken from us.

Self Defense is FREEDOM

Self Defense is FREEDOM

I can’t think of anything more natural and basic than the right to defend yourself and protect others.

This is the part of the foundation of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and protecting yourself directly effects your unalienable rights of LIFE , LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Yet every year we pass laws that restrict citizens to exercise their right and their instinct, to protect and survive.

Beyond the obvious target of firearms, laws are passed GENERALLY UNOPPOSED that ban the use of everything from pepper spray to pocket knives. These decisions go under the radar because they’re not a “hot topic” like gun control.

As a result, your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones is being eroded away EVERY DAY. 

But that’s not all…

The laws regarding self defense and weapons are so vague that there’s room for wide interpretation. Plus the miscommunication by law enforcement and the media as to what or when and how you can defend yourself further clouds the issue. This misconception is widely accepted as fact by people who just don’t know any better.

And if you think gun laws are crazy, the law regarding knives is FLAT OUT INSANE. When you have a couple of hours…take a look at this matrix regarding knife laws in every state in the U.S. HERE courtesy of 

In general the law in defending yourself [and I’m paraphrasing] is if you think you, your property or others are in danger of being injured or worse, you may use reasonable force to protect yourself provided the threat is credible, capable and has demonstrated intent.

There is nothing about “the first punch” or if he “shoots first” but we the people have been fed an interpretation of when it’s OK to fight back from what we see in movies, TV and the news. We think we need to be physically attacked before we can defend ourselves and in reality ALL YOU NEED IS INTENT and CAPABILITY.

Furthermore, when you’re actually attacked, some people will  still have you call the authorities and “WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE”.

We all know that when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones, you’re at GROUND ZERO my friend and the cavalry will NEVER get there in time.

Yet why is there this trend to take the power to defend yourself out of your hands?

Between what you hear in major media and the systematic outlawing of self defense devices,  you are being castrated.

Let me ask you, why are brass knuckles and black jacks illegal in most states? Heck, you can still carry a rock in your pocket and use it to defend yourself…does that make a rock illegal to carry?

Why shouldn’t law abiding citizens who have no criminal record be allowed to arm themselves with a plethora of impact and edged weapons?

Why shouldn’t a teenage girl be allowed to carry pepper spray or a taser?

Look, if these weapons are used in a manner that’s irresponsible and reckless, the teenage girl should be held accountable (I know, too much common sense).

Furthermore, if my wife or daughter uses an “illegal weapon” to stop a rape, she could be brought up on charges!

This is nuts.

I believe there’s a reason why that law makers continue to pass laws that restrict your ability to defend and protect.  While an argument can be made about big government control by keeping it’s citizens compliant and dependent, I believe the reason is much more basic and has everything to do with human nature and denial.

There are three types of people – Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs.

The sheep are everyday people. All they want to do is graze, play and make baby sheep.

The wolves are evil. They were put on this earth to kill and eat sheep….violently.

The sheepdogs protect the sheep from the wolves.

The sheep don’t like to think about the wolves. They want the sheepdogs to take care of it, but they don’t want to think of the dirty work that needs to be done. They don’t want to think about what the sheepdogs need to do in order to keep them safe. In fact, the mere sight of the sheepdog is unnerving because the sheepdog reminds them of the wolves.

The sheep can’t imagine having the balls to fight the wolves.  When they hear or see the sheepdogs do it, it reminds them of how weak and vulnerable they really are. This distracts them from grazing, playing and causes erectile dysfunction that doesn’t allow them to make baby sheep, which makes the sheep VERY unhappy. 

The sheep greatly outnumber both of the wolves and sheepdogs.

Because of this, the sheep get to make the rules that govern the sheepdogs.

Since the sheep can’t imagine what the sheepdogs are up against, they project their sheepish beliefs on the wolves and sheepdogs. 

The sheep BELIEVE that if they make something illegal, the wolves will respect that law.

But we all know wolves are evil and don’t give a shit about rules, laws or civilization in general. The wolves see something they want, they take it provided they don’t get caught, identified, injured or killed.

The sheep can try to govern human nature and control it based on their values. They think they can control violence through making things illegal. They can’t imagine why a wolf would not respect the law.

The sheepdog understands the reality of the wolf and that the wolf only respects power and violence.

This puts the sheepdog in a tough spot because it’s good and wants to please the sheep, but it can’t fight a wolf wearing a muzzle. Since the wolf is willing to do things the sheep can’t even imagine, the sheepdogs must be allowed to do the same (or worse) if they’re going to prevail.

As citizens we must understand this and let it reflect in our laws.

We need to react when legislation is passed regarding ANY self defense, not just guns.

Because while we’re focusing on the “great gun debate” everything else is being taken away.

We need to let good, law abiding people protect their right to LIFE, LIBERY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS on a personal level to the BEST of their ability with all of the tools at their disposal.

The rest will start to take care of itself.

Train Honestly,


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. I appreciate your hard work and every point that you have made. The point I have to make here is that learning
    how to protect family, friends, and yourself from being injured or killed is a must, but there are some bad issues
    that need to be made. Some of the business that are teaching firearm training, self defense, LAW (attorneys), and etc., only care for themselves.

    You have many people that have worked very hard in life and now they are attempting to reach
    people that can barely handle a .22 pistol. The day someone kills or hurts another person with a firearm, will
    probably spend the rest of their life fighting to stay out of jail or worse.

    You can not make a military out of everyone and we have to be able to defend ourselves the best we can, not as special forces. I CC an have a CCL and I have 7 firearms that I train with weekly, from 9 mm to .44 magnum. But
    you have to be better than the bad guy that trains on things that makes them think that they are invincible. I have been around a lot of elderly people and I am 59 myself. I am not on medications or drugs, but some are. Some people can not do these things. Thank You.

    Sincerely yours;

    William H Smith Jr

    1. Bill,

      I’m assuming by your comment, that you really don’t know EXACTLY what we teach here….

      Fact is, a firearm is definitely part of the self defense solution – but the fact of the matter is this:

      First, nothing in life is guaranteed and you better have a plan B. Firearms don’t contain magic bullets. Chances are, he’s going to keep coming…like this maniac here:

      I’m sure the cop in the video was told his gun had all the answers.

      I don’t know who you are or what you teach – but if you teach firearms and you don’t teach primary self defense skills, weapon retention and improvised weapon – you’re not teaching self defense, you’re teaching target shooting.

      BTW, many people defend themselves everyday without a weapon…or really any training at all!!

      Like this women who stopped a rapist with ZERO training

      Or this 86 year old who smacked her assailant in a supermarket with a package of bacon:

      Every years millions of people protect themselves based on instinct. It’s not that complicated.

      And at the end of the day (and this is cliche…and I hate to do it) would you rather be judged by 12 or carried by 6.

      OH, BTW, Elite Members I’m posting what to say after an attack, it will be up in the Elite Members section later.

      Military and first responders are coached as to what to say and how to write a report…and so are SDTS Members.

      Thanks for your post Bill…

      PS. I turn 50 in the next couple of months and we have men and women in the 70’s doing this program…and I’m pretty sure they’re not paratroopers.

  2. Oh and Bill…your comment has nothing to do with the topic of the post…but I responded anyway because I’m a damn nice guy.

  3. Totally agree damian.ive had mild autism all my life and have had struggles.i wont start trouble but if attacked i will fire back.criminals dont care for law health infact anything positive or pleasant.they prob go brag to their mates how they hurt someone and learn ways to get smarter.i got obsessed with martial arts and self defence but when i see your system i cant beat it at is the best in the world in my opinion.i hope people listen to you the sheep.wolves dont care and hope dont find out the hard way.keep up the great work

  4. That’s pretty deep Damien, although I will agree that our government or powers that be do not want a public that can and are able to defend themselves with deadly force if needed. You can’t control a society that could easily rise up against you in great numbers. Still, it amazes me that our government would allow illegals and terrorist peoples into this country based on FREEDOM from oppression while oppressing it’s own citizens! Quite the quandary. I for one carry everyday and I can put a hole through a quarter at 25 yards with my 9mm. I have trained for and am very capable of defending myself hand to hand as well as with a weapon. I hope and pray every day that I would not have to use those skills outside of my own home and property but prepare for it just the same. It’s a very different world than the one I remember as a kid in the sixties. The threats facing us now are real and many of our towns and cities are finding out just how real they are and the authorities are becoming more of the problem and NOT part of the solution. Bring on the 12 as you say, it’s my right to defend my self and my family or even others if it becomes necessary. If I was to face conviction of anything but self-defense, so be it, that is what our society has broken down to! Keep fighting the good fight sir!

    1. Thanks for sounding off Larry.

      People seem to forget that “civilization” is sort of a gentleman’s agreement (or Lady’s agreement). We are literally a power outage away from people acting like animals.

      The last time when Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, it only took about 4 days before people became feral. Even my 76 year old mom was getting into it at the gas pump with some guy (I don’t know why she went, but there’s no stopping her).

      As long as everyone is OK within tolerance, it works. As soon as it’s out of balance, all hell breaks loose.

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