Self Defense for the Old and Broken

Self Defense for the Old and Broken

“I’m wondering if you have some advice for the old & broken. I suffer from severe spinal arthritis, and any kind of physical altercation would result in severe injury.  In my neighborhood there have been unprovoked attacks against the elderly, disabled and homeless. I’m not a fearful person, and will defend myself and loved ones to the best of my ability. However some techniques about using a cane or other improvised defense effectively would be greatly appreciated.” – Thanks, Dan H.

Thanks for reaching out Dan – first you should know at the Self Defense Company we regard self defense as a need that you must constantly adapt your current skill set to meet.

Today you could be 6’2″ and bench press 405 lbs, but that’s all going to change – so what you do as a young man, is NOT what you do as a more “seasoned” person.

As you pointed out, one of the ways to level the playing field in the street is WEAPONS.

In the SDTS Elite Program you’ll discover how to use everything from your cane to edged weapons, ice picks and dozens of other tools to help you survive and we even include FIREARM RETENTION.

What you need to do is go through the core techniques to see what you can do and eliminate what you can’t do. Then we focus on working within your comfort zone. 

Usually after about 5 or 10 times you can tell if you’re going to be able to do something or not.

Self defense is personal – what works for one person might not work for someone else.  The upside is the SDTS Combatives core techniques are simple, large motions that any one with basic use of their arms can do.

After you understand the core techniques, the weapons techniques are based on the same exact biomechanics,  so there’s no reason to relearn the movement. We just put the weapon in your hand, give you the principle tactics and you GO. The same goes for firearm retention as well.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough – if you’re working on something and after a few times and it doesn’t feel natural, skip it and go on to the next thing.

I recently had an Elite Member tell me the stomping hurt his feet and ankles – the solution…DON’T STOMP, just make sure you don’t shuffle your feet.

Self Defense is about ADAPTATION: Adapt your self defense to you, NOT you to your self defense.

Too many times instructors try to make you overcome your physical restrictions through technique. I remember in Tae Kwon Do trying to teach a 65 year old with arthritic knees and a bad back how to do a jump spinning back kick…not pretty. Truth is he didn’t need to learn this because there are other things he could have done to accomplish the SAME GOAL.

Self defense is RESULT oriented – the technique is secondary.

If I get you to get your attacker to hesitate with a finger jab, a right cross or spit in his eye you get the same result and that’s what counts.

The problem is you’re used to systems that force you to do what everyone else is doing and what works for the majority of people in class, might not work for you.

You need to discover what fits your present skill set and adapt it to your self defense. 

Thanks again for your question Dan, oh and remember – as we get older, we get meaner…

Train Honestly,

The Self Defense Company

PS. You have questions, we got answers…

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  1. Nice picture of Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino!
    When you are the weapon, everything you touch becomes an extension of your body. Essentially a tool that you use with the same movement as empty hand moves. Ultimately though you must be able to go dark
    And use any tool in any devious way to finish your work.SDTS will show you the principles of striking and movement that will give you this capability.
    Jeff Bam Bam Voorhies
    Street Smart System of Self Defense

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