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Self Defense Seminars

Awareness course Self Defense Training

From our 60 Minute Self Defense and Campus Safety Seminars to our Police and Security Training Programs, our experts will give you a full interactive training experience complete with continued education resources.

The Self Defense Company Seminars eliminates the “learn and forget” issues of all other seminars.

Studies show that within one week after a seminar you will forget over 80% of what you just learned and as time goes on you will recall less and less. Self defense is a perishable skill that needs to be refreshed from time to time. The Self Defense Company solves this problem by provided unlimited access to the seminar recording and continued education through our on-demand video programs and live support from certified, expert instructors, helping you maintain and develop these life saving skills.

Self Defense Company Seminars Include:

  • Live, or online interactive training platforms from 1 to 1,000 people.
  • Recorded sessions that can be accessed by each attendee for life.
  • Continued education programs and support for all participants.

Self Defense Company Standard Courses

60 Minute Self Defense
For men and women ages 12 and up. Tactics you can learn now and use tonight.
• Situational Awareness – how to interact with your environment, become a hard target and break the predator-prey relationship.
• How to exploit the 3 things every attacker fears – being caught, identified or injured.
• How to STOP the attack before it starts – by managing your personal space and identifying the pre-attack “tells” of every attacker.
• Core Combat Tactics – understanding the common denominators of self defense situation, position, distance momentum and balance.

Ground Fighting
How to survive on the street without even knowing how to grapple.

  • How to fall “safely” in the street.
  • What to do if you’re knocked down and facing a standing opponent.
  • Pinned down against much larger attacker.
  • Defensive tactics for sexual assault situations.
  • Defenses against chokes, arm-bars and other common MMA submissions.

Escape and Evasion
How to negotiate crowds, riots and escape multiple attacker situations.

  • E and E techniques – These methods limit your body weight commitment and enable you to stay on your feet and keep you mobile to create avenues of escape.
  • Tactics to create space – These techniques enable you to move multiple attackers away, even if they have their hands on you.
  • Non-lethal Self Defense Weapons – how to use pepper spray and personal alarms properly.

Weapon Defensive Tactics
Defenses against impact, edged and firearms.

  • Defense against club, pipe and axe handle assaults.
  • Static and dynamic knife defenses – includes facing an attacker at a distance and with a lock or hold.
  • Defense agains handguns and long guns.
Guardian Weapon Retention

Guardian Weapon Retention
How to maintain complete control over your firearm in any close quarter situation.

  • Handgun retention for standing, body grabs and on the ground.
  • Long gun retention for standing, body grabs and on the ground
Module 4

Defense against grabs and Holds
Methods of defense against all manners of grading and mugging. We will show you how a handful of simple techniques can be used to stop any of the following assaults:

  • Wrist and Arms Grabs
  • Collar grabs and chokes
  • Body grabs, head locks, bear hugs and more.
Protector Self Defense Training Course

Guardian Police Combatives
Non-lethal use of force methods for police, military and security.

  • C.R.A.S.H situation and scene control.
  • How to safely subdue a non-compliant or combative subject.
  • Handgun and long gun retention.
  • Come alongs.
  • Team arresting and cuffing tactics.