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Self Defense Spot Light

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Every so often I like to feature a member who I feel emulates what we’re doing at the Self Defense Company. Steve is one of those people who “get’s it.” 

He’s been around so there’s no fooling him and I’m honored he has decided to join us. 

Steve Coon – Elite Member 2015

Self Defense Company Member Spot Light: Steve Coon, 67 Anchorage Alaska 

I’m age 67. Since my teenage days I’ve wanted to learn martial arts for self defense. However, I neither had the time or money to do so.

Over the past few years with computers and DVD’s, I’ve acquired several self defense instructional programs which I have enjoyed. The major drawback has been the only way to implement has been with a training partner and/or going to a class somewhere thousands of miles away.

Neither of these options interest me so everything has been academic up until now.    

I’ve always been concerned about the inability to create muscle memory so that the self-defense process becomes instinctive. In the words spoken in The Self Defense Training System, “If you have to think about it, it’s too late.”

The thing I like best about the Elite Membership (besides the very reasonable price) is the actual training drills using simple equipment that can be done at home to  create muscle memory.

With your online format, the drills and other instruction are easy to find and utilize.

Additionally I’ve all ready taken advantage of the online support which is excellent.    

Also I like the advice of completing one of the 12 modules each month. I can see this should avoid burnout, as well as, developing competency before moving on to the next module. It’s easy to see the tremendous amount of work and experience that are the foundation of this program. I’m very excited to visualize where I’ll be in the coming weeks and months. 

Thanks for all your work and making it so easy to acquire your program.

Steve Coon
Anchorage, Alaska
Elite Member 2015 


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  1. Hi Steve:   I live close by to you.  Would you be interested in touching base, maybe getting together to exchange ideas or train.   Thx, Jerry

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