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Self Defense Spotlight Neil Bran

Self Defense Spotlight Neil Bran

Student Defeats Street Boxer with the Self Defense Training System

Every once in a while I spotlight a Self Defense Training System success story. It could be a personal story of triumph or some one successfully defending him or herself with the Self Defense Training System. 

This Self Defense Spotlight is Neil P Bran from London, England. 

Neil is a grew up in a rough part of London so at an early age he began boxing and Wado ryu Karate. Neil currently goes to school and  teaches boxing and kick boxing. He’s been using the Self Defense Training System for about a year. 

Neil recalls the incident, “The other night I was out with some friends, minding my own business and this “gypsy fellow” started getting a little too friendly with us. He just wouldn’t leave us alone. He brought up that he could box and he wanted to spar me. Yeah, I know – stupid right? I didn’t want to fight this guy for no reason, I mean you never know who you’re dealing with, especially someone from the street.” 

Neil and his friends tried to walk away. “As we’re walking away, this guy literally singles me out and comes up to me with a bottle in his hand – says he’s going to ‘do me’. I told him ‘I don’t want any trouble, I’m just out for a good time’ and I backed away. But he kept advancing then I knew it was on and we weren’t going to spar…”


“I Kicked his knee, and then hacked his neck with an edge of hand and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. It was like magic. He was disoriented and stumbling to try to get to his feet, but I kept hacking his neck so he couldn’t resume and me and my friends could escape.” 

Neil continues, “I boxed amateur since I was 11 and I have been doing Karate for what seems like forever, but when the rubber hit the road, when I was in a REAL FIGHT, it was the Self Defense Training System – I didn’t even have to think about it…it just took over, it was incredible. Considering all of my years of boxing and karate – you would think that I would use that, but the Self Defense Training System literally took over when I was in it for real.” 

Neil is looking forward to continuing his training in the Self Defense Training System and becoming a certified instructor in the future. 

I’m glad Neil is safe and not hurt – I’m even more glad he won. 

Score another one for the good guys. 

Until Next Time…

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  1. There are too many tragic outcomes for too many good people, that I am so glad to hear of Neil’s capacity to stop  this dangerous thug, which reinforces the critical need for training offered by the SDC.   Way to go Neil!!

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