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Self Defense Training Fort Hood, Texas

Self Defense Training Fort Hood, Texas

Self Defense Company Instructor Josh Caywood heads up self defense training in Fort Hood, Tx.

The Self Defense Company Welcomes Instructor Josh Caywood to the SDC!!!

Instructor Caywood first sought out real self-defense because of a personal defense scare he had when he worked night-shift security. Josh had to deal with a schizophrenic individual and my glass house of confidence came crashing down even though he had wrestled in high school and dabbled in various martial arts (my uncle has like 3 different black belts). Luckily, the situation did not escalate to violence but he walked away aware that he was grossly unprepared. I first met Damian Ross in 2006 at the Operation Phoenix seminar, before he started the Self Defense Company. It was immediately apparent Damian Ross and Carl Cestari (by extension) knew what they were talking about and the system had the pedigree to back it up; once Josh started he never looked back.


Since that time Josh moved from security guard to Airborne Infantry serving for over 8 years. He continued to cycle on and off the SDC as he “had time” and felt like I needed the refresher. After he left the Army in 2018 he earned my BA in Military History and started into my MA in Military Studies with a concentration in Irregular Warfare. The problem, though, was that he didn’t have a real goal or plan of what to do. After serious reflection I decided to pursue a goal he set in 2006, become an instructor with the SDC.


Josh’s company Survival and Defense Solutions LLC is based out of Copperas Cove, Texas, about 15 minutes west of Fort Hood (soon to be Fort Cavazos). Josh decided he wanted to create a place people could come for all their “survival” skills needs so we teach self-defense, firearms, and survival skills. Utilizing the SDC for the self-defense portion was a no-brainer and a very important component of what we do.


“Libertatum ex Timor” (Freedom from Fear)

Joshua Caywood

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