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Self Defense Training in 2020

Self Defense Training in 2020

The way you learn to protect and defend yourself and your loved ones has changed as more and more people are using the Self Defense Training System to meet their needs and develop this life saving skill at their own pace and on their own terms.Case: Peter Robson, Spain

Adult, male in his 60’s who has extensive martial arts experience but was still looking for more practical self defense.

Peter joined as Self Defense Training System as an Elite Member and is now taking LIVE, online, private training lessons with Instructor George Hutchings.

What’s incredible is that Peter lives in Spain while George lives in Toronto. This is made possible through our dedicated online training portal.

Now Peter is getting exactly what he wants without leaving his home and for a fraction of the cost.

Below is his testimony.

NOTE: Pete only trains with George ONCE A MONTH.
“Over the years I have tried several martial arts styles including Aikido and Taekwondo as well as Filipino escrima and Krav Maga.

I have also used DVDs made by some of the most respected instructors in the business.

Progress in any of the martial arts or fighting forms is, as we know, very dependent on the Sensei/instructor.

I can honestly say that I have never encountered an instructor who explained things so clearly as George Hutchings. George gives you a strategy and a structure to work on that is very very effective He not only explains things clearly but shows you why some things you may have used in the past just don’t work in the real world and what you should do instead. His enthusiasm is infectious and he always inspires real confidence in you.

I now feel that with the SDTS system and George’s inspiring instruction I can make real progress. I only wish that I had found George as an instructor many years ago.”The Self Defense Training System isn’t just videos…it’s a training community that will help you adapt your self defense through different phases of your live.

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Operation Phoenix: The Science of Killing

This “KILL BY NUMBERS” Program Will Give You the EXACT Science, Tactics and Method Behind Lethal Combatives…
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The Operation Phoenix Syllabus:

  • Target Area Analysis: Discover the science behind the most lethal target areas on the human body and how to exploit them.
  • ​Central Nervous System Attacks: These methods SHOCK the brain, causing it to short circuit and cut out.
  • ​Ocular Shock Techniques: “Fight enders” that overload the central nervous system.
  • Spine Assaults:​Tactics to compress, crush and dislocate the neck and spine.
  • ​Symmetry Attacks: A series of core combat techniques that can be used from both the front and the rear.
  • ​Methods of Asphyxiation: Combative attacks to the target’s airway.
  • ​Blood Organ Disruption: Techniques that rupture blood saturated organs causing severe drop in blood pressure, internal bleeding and death.
  • ​Concealed Impact Weapons: Flat Sap, Black Jack, Palm Sap methods that completely surprise the enemy.
  • ​Quick Kill Knife Fighting: Lethal edged weapon tactics that will terminate the target in seconds.
  • Course Completion Certificate

The Elite Training Membership

Unleash Your “Inner Bad Ass” with the Most Comprehensive Combatives Training Program Ever Created.

  • All 12 SDTS Modules
  • Basic, Advanced and Black Ops Modules
  • A.W.A.R.E Course
  • 60 Minute Self Defense Program
  • Family Safe Program
  • Guardian Weapon Retention System
  • Reality Check Program
  • Guardian Police Combatives (full course)
  • Combat AR
  • Vintage Archive Video Collection
  • Library
  • 24-7 Support
  • Course Completion Certificate

60 Minute Self Defense

You don’t need a Black Belt. Discover hot to protect and defense in 60 minutes or less using this proven, scientific system. Learn it now and use it tonight.

  • Discover how to exploit the 3 things EVERY attacker FEARS.
  • Turn the tables on your assailant by CONTROLLING the pillars of self defense.
  • How to ground fight without knowing how to grapple.
  • Maximize your body’s natural weapons to deliver crippling blows.
  • Instantly incapacitate larger and stronger attackers by destroying their central nervous system.
  • Self Defense Company Library
  • 24-7 Certified Instructor Support
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Plus, You’ll Get 3 Free Bonuses for acting now.

Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. This really is so important. I was doing some stretching exercises a few days ago after a run when this young, smart-mouthed, trouble making punk started mocking me. I am 63 years old and this trouble making kid looked to be about age 20. He was also bigger than me. I just ignored him as best I could and resisted the temptation to confront him and tell him to shut his obnoxious mouth. If it would have escalated in to a physical contest of pugilism, I was not confident of my ability to handle him, especially since he had the advantages of youth and size. I’m in good physical condition for a 63 year old man, but I was at a disadvantage here due to my size and age. I found myself going back and studying my elite self defense training system. If I ever cross paths with this young punk or any other trouble making booger man out there, I want to be prepared to finish any trouble that they may start.

    1. Tom,

      You’re awesome. And this is exactly why we’re here and you’re the person I thought of when we put this together.

      Oh, and really what does that kid know? He’s been on the planet but a minute.

      You also bring up one of the things that absolutely pisses me off – GYM CRITICS.

      “You’re doing it wrong” or “What is that???”

      Look, there’s a couple of things I know when it comes to giving your opinion – DON’T.

      I don’t say ANYTHING – I have know Idea of what you’re doing, your routine, your physical issues – so please STFU.

      Next time, smile and say – “You’re the expert.”

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