Self Defense Training in Panama

Self Defense Training in Panama

Meet Instructor Markus Senn who is now forming Self Defense Company classes in Panama.

Instructor Senn was a member of the Swiss Army and served on the Swiss Police force.

"I always wanted to practice more, and when I emigrated to Panama, I had the time and money to invest in Krav Maga lessons. After 6 months I stopped it because it became clear that I would move away from the city to the province.

I looked for alternatives and found The Self Defense Company. I gave it a try and was fascinated.

The corona crisis made it very clear that self defense will become more important in the future. And since I’m forced myself to change my business strategies as well as I want to share something valuable with people, I decided to become a self defense instructor.

I like The Self Defense Company because it offers an outstanding course program. In addition, the techniques are easy to implement and remember, unlike the complicated techniques in other disciplines."

Thank you for finding us Markus and we're extremely proud to have you on the team!

You can connect with Instructor Marcus though his Facebook Page below.

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