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The Self Defense Training System™

“Learn from Experts in the Comfort of Your Own Home and Develop REAL Combative SKILL in 30 Days or Less.”

The SDTS eliminates all of the sport and ceremony of the martial arts and distills it into a comprehensive, step-by-step system that you can follow at your own pace and develop the skills to protect and defend regardless of your age, size, man or woman.

If you can swing a bat or kick a ball, you can do this…

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On demand video with private, expert instruction.

Unlimited Access to over 600 Instruction and Drill Videos.

Featuring the 12 SDTS Modules with Step-by-step instruction in a modern, progressive curriculum with practice drills, downloadable manuals and course completion certificates.

Personal Coaching and Support from Experts.

Certified instructors are standing by to answer your questions and give you live, video training on any device, anywhere in the world. Plus exclusive access to LIVE training webinars and events. 


MODULE 1: Essential Self Defense

Set your rock solid self defense foundation with this all important first step. We show you exactly how to practice and give you the fundamental tactics that will follow you through the entire program.

MODULE 2: Advanced Methods of Striking

Discover how to knock anyone out cold with the softest part of or your hand and turn every surface of your body into a weapon of mass destruction, giving you endless confidence and knowing you’ve got it all under control.

MODULE 3: Ground Fighting for Keeps

This vicious system is designed to teach you how to avoid going to the ground and if you do, how to quickly and safely escape from any position, even if your attacker is twice your size.

MODULE 4: Defense against grabs and holds

Discover how to survive any situation with close range self defense tactics from the front and back, teaching you the step by step way to curtail any attacker at a moment’s notice.

MODULE 5: Escape and evasion

You’ve learned the basics, now we’re going to deep dive into techniques designed to help you create enough space no matter your bodyweight or current fitness level, allowing you to escape from much larger, stronger and multiple attackers.

MODULE 6: Body conditioning

Discover how to turn your body into a piece of stone-cold iron, even if you haven’t trained in years. Using ancient combat training you can’t find anywhere else, you will be the one everyone fears, even if they don’t know it yet.

MODULE 7: Combat PT

You’re a warrior, no matter how long it’s been. In this module, you’ll learn the system designed for the world’s most lethal protectors and how to condition your body into a lean, lethal, fat burning machine without stepping foot in a gym.

MODULE 8: Defense against weapon attacks

Warning: the dojos won’t teach you this system that has been used by those whose lives depending on it. You’ll know exactly what to do when faced with a knife, club or firearm in any situation.

MODULE 9: Weapon offensive tactics

Fighting with a knife or a stick is not flashy or pretty, yet it is designed to teach you exactly how to brutally punish your attacker anywhere, anytime.

MODULE 10: Combat takedowns 

Don’t make the rookie mistake that can end your life — using takedowns made for sport. In this module, we’ll reveal the exact takedown methods you can use to drop your attacker to the ground while you stay on your feet.

MODULE 11: Old school weapons and tactics

Learn exactly how to use the most commonly found tools and turn them into a lethal weapon. Whether it’s a blackjack, knuckle duster, razor or bag of quarters — these weapons are easy, cheap and deadly as ever if you learn the simple system in this training.

MODULE 12: Quick kills and deadly finishes

Discover the methods no one wants you to know about, including century removal, neck dislocations and every method known to end a life with your bare hands.

Origins of The Self Defense Training System

I’m sure right now you’re VERY SKEPTICAL. With all the fighting systems available out there, it seems insane to think that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER SEEN THIS SYSTEM… AND LIVED.

What you have before you isn’t the idea or work of just one person. It’s the result of over 100 years of close combat research conducted by the British and U.S. with one sole purpose – to help people survive in life or death situations.

Here’s the story… this form of hand-to-hand combat was taught to commandos and special police tactical units. It was used to defeat the Chinese Drug Triads in Shanghai in the early 1900s, the Nazi War Machine in WWII and served the OSS and then the CIA well in the height of the Cold War but then something happened…


During the Vietnam Era, these methods were deemed too brutal and inhumane for the police and even the military. As a result, the pencil pushing politicians dropped it from ALL CURRICULUMS… just like the chokehold.

Inhumane?!? …Tell that to the family whose child has been murdered or the woman who was just raped!

In spite of the best efforts of government to dictate how we should defend ourselves, these methods were still taught privately in “secret circles” of people who dealt with violence on a daily basis. If you knew the right person you could be introduced and if you were deemed worthy, you were invited back.

The goal was never to create a “martial art” or even to make money. It was to survive and the men and women who preserved these tactics did just that…in the worst places imaginable.

Damian Ross, the creator of the Self Defense Training System was in that “secret circle”. As a multiple black belt holder, bouncer and a body guard with a conceal carry permit he was putting his life on the line and to be honest, the martial arts he learned for self defense NEVER WORKED AS PROMISED – but this stuff did!

Since 1989, Damian has used and tested these methods. Over the course of several years he developed a system of training people in these tactics using modern learning techniques. Later he developed this train at home program so people could learn these brutally effective methods without having to travel or take time off from work.

FACT: You Don’t Need a Black Belt to Defend Yourself.

This is coming from someone who has 3 black belts and owned 3 schools, and most people will never tell you this.

Listen, Martial Arts are great to build confidence, get exercise and learn about fair play, but they’re governed by styles and rules that are focused on SAFETY and SPORT, not SELF DEFENSE and REAL LIFE.

In fact, Martial Arts schools are designed to keep you as long as possible, training longer and paying more for their services.

“Self defense isn’t a sport – it’s a life skill. As you age or get injured, your need for self defense increases – the SDTS will enable you to adapt to meet that self defense need throughout your whole life.”




What is useful is lost because it’s mixed in with all hundreds of other traditional and sport techniques.
…and the other secret the “experts” don’t tell you…

Self Defense doesn’t require fancy moves, any athleticism or great skill.

FACT: In fight or flight mode you will only be able to perform SIMPLE, BASIC moves with ONE SINGLE PURPOSE.

All you need for REAL self defense is:

  • The WILL to survive and protect: self defense is an INSTINCT not a STYLE.
  • Simple, Primary Techniques: if you swing a bat, walk or kick a ball you can do this.
  • Proven Tactics: Once you understand the principles of position, distance, momentum and balance you can break down any self defense scenario in seconds.
  • The Use of Force Multipliers: Weapons, when used correctly will GREATLY increase your ability to defend and protect, turning the proverbial 100 pound weakling into THE ROCK!

The good news is, that you can learn ALL of this and…



Why? Because… you get a full, unconditional 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Choose any program Bronze, Gold or Elite, and check them out for yourself. If you aren’t absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, blown away by what you learn… just email us and we’ll refund your order. No forms to fill out. No hassles, either.

That means you can log on, go through ALL of the training, learn, and even use everything you see… for an entire month… For Free!

  • Why am I being so generous? Easy. I know it’s a little hard to believe what I’m telling you. There is so much bullsh!t in the martial arts world… so many “experts” touting nonsense… and so little “real” stuff… that you’d be insane NOT to be skeptical. And…this really is everything I’ve said it is.
  • What the SDTS will reveal will change everything you know and believe about self defense. It will literally change your life… and it will happen… OVERNIGHT!
  • So I’m not worried about any financial bloodbath from this hyper-generous guarantee. I wouldn’t be trusting you with this stuff if you hadn’t managed to find your way to this site. And I would be astonished if you weren’t just as blown away as I was over this amazing fighting revelation.
  • I limit the sale of the SDTS Program to a few at a time. If you don’t do this immediately, there’s a good chance someone else will take this offer.
  • You will NOT hear about these skills anywhere else. This will be the most “inside the circle” material you are ever witness to in your life. People have risked a lot to get this information to you.
  • A lot of blood, sweat, tears and money have gone into creating the SDTS program.

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