Self Defense Training Why it Works

CORE COMBAT skills are why the SDTS Succeeds Where Other Self Defense Systems FAIL

There’s something that happens to all of us when we feel our life is in danger and you can’t replicate it in training – it only happens when you BELIEVE you might die or be seriously injured.

Hormones are released and your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) takes over. As your heart rate increases your cognitive and motor skills deteriorate.

This is different than increasing your heart rate with exercise, this is FEAR induced and it automatically happens to EVERYONE and it can not be turned off.

Notice in  the chart, Complex and Gross Motor Skills are the only types of movements that work under fight or flight conditions.  Overall there are three types of motor skills:


fine_motor_skillsGross motor skills involve large muscle groups and involve acts like walking, running and crawling.

Complex motor skills are actions like swinging a bat, or a somersault.

Fine motor skills involve the wrist and the smaller joints, actions like a wrist lock or a gun disarm are fine motor skills.

Gross and Complex Motor Skills are optimal for Self Defense, THOSE ARE YOUR CORE COMBAT SKILLS.

The simpler the skill, the easier it is to perform under fight or flight conditions, the faster it is to learn and the longer you can go without practice.

Most martial arts teach primarily fine motor skills for self defense.  Even throwing a technically correct punch requires proper hip, torso, arm and wrist movement.

By using these Core Combat Skills, the SDTS takes ADVANTAGE of your natural FIGHT OR FLIGHT reaction and channels that adrenaline rush to laser focused POWER.

It’s the combination of these techniques and Combat Conditioning that will let your skills KICK IN when you need them most.

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