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Self defense training is NOT about physical training or exercise. It is an ongoing education and involves mental training as well. The good thing about self-defense training is that you do not have to travel to a physical location to facilitate the learning. Self defense video lessons and drills that teach close combat techniques have now made learning self defense easier and more convenient.

Benefits of Self Defense Training

Self defense training offers a wide variety of benefits including improving mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Let’s take a closer look into the areas where self defense training is beneficial:

  • Focus: You will learn how to keep your focus during intense and stressful situations. Your skills in assessing dangers before they happen as well as the ability to take inventory of your immediate surroundings will improve.
  • Practicality: Self defense is not how beautiful your movements are and no one is going to judge you in terms of form. The training will ensure you can take down, disarm, etc., your attacker so that you can escape and seek help immediately.
  • Confidence: Self defense instruction gives you the necessary skills and tools one needs to confidently assess a dangerous situation and navigate it in the most efficient manner.

Self Defense Training | Our Focus Areas

What the Self Defense Company Offers for Self Defense Training

Try a free course When you sign up for our self defense training program, here’s what in store for you:

  • SDTS Elite Program comprising of 400 on-demand video lessons and drills
  • 13 downloadable manuals
  • Complete self-defense company library
  • Live Internet support 24/7
  • On-demand training content available for all types of devices
  • Every module comes with certificates of completion
  • Access to bonus program: additional 233 video lessons and drills

Why Trust the Self Defense Company for Self-Defense Training?

Since 1998, The Self Defense Company has been helping police, federal agents, celebrities, military, private security and citizens of all ages to protect themselves and their loved ones in this increasingly violent world.

At the Self Defense Company, we believe that self defense training is all about empowering individuals to overcome endangering threats and protect themselves and their loved ones. Learning to identify, prevent, and neutralize violent behavior is NOT an option – it is a necessity. Whether you are a man, woman, kid, or law enforcement officer, there is an equal need to keep yourself safe from adverse situations. With our self defense training programs, not only will you learn practical and realistic techniques to defend yourself when facing violence, you will also learn to cultivate a positive mindset that will raise your situational awareness capability.

At the heart of the training is The Self Defense Training System (SDTS). The System is based on over a century of actual warfare and combat combined with a modern, progressive and scientific learning system that will cut your time in training to a fraction of traditional methods. We ELIMINATE all of the sport and ceremony so you focus on only CORE COMBAT techniques designed to work in fight or flight situations.

Our train at home program makes it easy for anyone to learn self defense from the comfort of their own home, and does not require any special physical conditioning regime to execute defensive moves that are brutally effective. What’s more, with our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, you have everything to win and nothing to lose. Start learning the ULTIMATE Self Defense Training System with us today!

Defend yourself today. Talk to us and learn more.