Every being on Earth has a natural instinct and knows how to protect himself or herself, you included. One of the most common misconceptions about self defense is people think that they need to alter their life drastically to be able to learn and execute it. However, that is clearly not the case as many different people each year managed to defend themselves against hardened criminals with or without training.

At the Self Defense Company, we provide adult self defense solutions that help you awaken that instinct in you, refine your self defense skills, and ensure you always own the correct mindset in safeguarding your personal safety.

Understanding Adult Self defense

How do you defend against a knife-wielding attacker? Or how should you react when a gun is pointed at you from the back? Adult self defense is about reality, NOT sport. In regard to self defense, the bottom line is survival. One needs to bring his or her opponent by any means necessary.

This form of self defense training is designed to help adults quickly develop skills to prepare them for personal combat. It will help the individual be more prepared to maim their attacker with lethal or brutal tactics as well as execute escape tactics as a follow up. Before you take up a training program like this, it is essential that you first identify what your goal is and train to meet it.

What Self Defense Company Offers for Adult Self defense

When you sign up for our adult self defense training program, here’s what in store for you:

  • SDTS Elite Program comprising of 400 on-demand video lessons and drills
  • 13 downloadable manuals
  • Complete self defense company library
  • Live Internet support 24/7
  • On-demand training content available for all types of devices
  • Every module comes with certificates of completion
  • Access to bonus program: additional 233 video lessons and drills

Skills You Will Acquire from Adult Self defense Training

  • Quick kill, lethal moves
  • Practical and executable moves in public parks, in the bar, on the street etc.
  • Protecting loved ones in crisis situations
  • Arm and neck breaks
  • Defending against attackers twice your size and weight
  • One of the most devastating punches known to man
  • Flipping attackers with ease and certainty
  • … and more!

Why Trust the Self Defense Company for Adult Self defense Training?

The techniques featured in our training programs were already used more than seven decades ago by special police tactical units, commandos, and more. Those hand-to-hand combat skills were utilized to deal with violence on a daily basis as well as dangerous individuals from Chinese Drug Triads and more. What’s more, the self defense skills and knowledge we impart onto our clients were taught privately in secret circles of professionals.

You can rest assured that we only teach used and tested methods, and you will be able to facilitate learning in the comfort and convenience of your own home. As our content feature modern learning techniques, you can be sure that what you learn from us can be applied in the real world, today. When you opt for our self defense training system, you will be able to enjoy a full, unconditional 100% money back guarantee which is valid for 30 days.

Defend yourself today. Talk to us and learn more.

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