Anti-bully response is not about confronting a bully and challenging them to a fight. What you and your kids should be focusing on is bullying prevention. The anti-bully response tactics we have designed are meant to teach your kids about how to escape bullies easily and swiftly without panicking, and avoiding situations where someone could get hurt.

Understanding Anti-Bully Response

Anti-bully response should be non-confrontational and non-violent. There are actually proven, established protocols that should be used to create a chain of custody, an evidence trail, and ultimately develop a proper legal case against the bully, should things get out of hand. If things get physical, it is pertinent that you know how to defend yourself – self defense is undeniably the most important insurance one can have today.

No, we are NOT just talking about fancy verbal defense or fighting back by punching and kicking. It is about turning the tables on the bullies in ways they never saw coming. Corrective actions may include sending your child’s teacher and principal a carefully crafted certified letter to put them on notice about an ongoing bullying case.

What Self Defense Company Offers for Anti-Bully Response

Aside from imparting the necessary self defense tactics onto your child, we can also advice our clients on how they should build a legal case against a bully. In most cases, it is not necessary to contact the parents of the bully. It may just add to the stress everyone is experiencing at the moment. At the Self Defense Company, we can show you what you say to your local police department so that they are legally obligated to visit the bullies’ home as part of an investigation. The physical presence of a cop is one of the most effective ways to gain their attention.

Not only do we provide detailed bully prevention strategies for face to face situations, the Self Defense Company can also advise on what you should do in case of online social bullying. One of the strategies details teaching your child to recognize “shark infested waters” – like unsupervised time at school, the playground, or the bus stop – and be equipped with a step-by-step action plan should bullying occur.

Why Trust the Self Defense Company for Anti-Bully Response Training?

Both kids and adults can get caught up in compromising situations in this increasingly violent world that we live in today. Self defense for anti-bully response is not taught so that one can learn how to beat up others. Our revolutionary Self Defense Training System comes with a 100% money back guarantee and is designed to empower the individual to be able to identify threats, develop the skillset that is needed to defend themselves against individuals with bullying intent.

We know that you have the power to overcome adversity and we are here to help you achieve that while ensuring your personal safety. If you are a busy working adult, you can rest assured that you can still utilize our elite training system. You will be able to learn at your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home!

Defend yourself today. Talk to us and learn more.

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