Most people spend more time at work that ever, and that’s why personal safety and self defense is a priority in all areas of life. Whether you work as a real estate agent, late night manager, law enforcement officer, security guard or other professional, law enforcement self defense training will give you a heightened sense of security as well as the ability to be more effective in your job – no matter the situation.

Understanding Self Defense for Law Enforcement & Corporate

As an agent, deputy, or officer of any kind, you and your agency needs to understand how vital it is to stay ahead of the game when it comes to criminal elements and officer safety. If you desire to increase your skill set and tactical knowledge, then you should supplement your training with law enforcement self defense tactics.

Oftentimes, state-mandated training from an academy and books, while well-intended, is not sufficient. Controlling and conditioning your emotions and tactical skills are important skills that can increase your chances of winning a confrontation. It is imperative that you know how to apply your self defense skills under extended periods of STRESS and FATIGUE. It is not always about using a bigger gun to win the shoot-out.

Types of Self Defense for Law Enforcement & Corporate We Cover

Skills You Will Acquire from Self Defense Training for Law Enforcement & Corporate

When it comes to self defense for law enforcement and corporate professionals, we keep our course content simple, effective, and straight to the point. Here’s what you will learn from us:

  • Weapons defense tactics: rope, club, gun, knife, etc.
  • How to defend yourself in deadly force and abduction situations
  • Escape tactics from hold downs, bear hugs, chokes, head locks, and wrists grabbing
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced striking techniques

What Self Defense Company Offers for Self Defense Training for Law Enforcement & Corporate

When you sign up for our self defense training program for law enforcement agencies and corporate executives, here’s what in store for you:

  • SDTS Elite Program comprising of 400 on-demand video lessons and drills
  • 13 downloadable manuals
  • Complete self-defense company library
  • Live Internet support 24/7
  • On-demand training content available for all types of devices
  • Every module comes with certificates of completion
  • Access to bonus program: additional 233 video lessons and drills

Why Trust the Self Defense Company for Self Defense for Law Enforcement & Corporate?

Since 2007, our Self Defense Training System has been used by EMS providers, Military Agents, Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police, and also NYPD officers. Because our self defense program for law enforcement is extremely practical and effective, law enforcement officers can learn to increase their situational awareness, neutralize threats, and perform arrest and control procedures safely.

Our self defense tactics are tried and tested – from wrist locks to take-downs to gun disarming, you will find it extremely valuable to understand efficient submission fighting techniques that can guarantee your own survival. This is as real as it gets, no fancy moves but realistic techniques to deal with violence head-on.

There’s no need to undertake special physical fitness regimes in order to practice our self defense training system; what’s more, you can gain BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE skills without even leaving your home. Take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee, and learn the best self defense system now!

Defend yourself today. Talk to us and learn more.

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