Do you still practice these defenses?

Do you still practice these defenses?

Your time is valuable, and when it comes to self defense there’s A LOT that is taught that really has no business in your life.

Time to cross these ridiculous self defense moves OFF your list and get on with your life….

I know common sense isn’t that common, but let’s reflect a little reality into these moves.

  1. The single wrist grab – the wrist grab isn’t your problem, it’s only the beginning of your probroblem.
  2. The cross single wrist grab – same as above.
  3. Knife to point your back – No one does this…EVER.
  4. The Prisoner of War – A lot has happened for you to get to that point and if someone puts you there…you’re going to be there awhile…you’re not jumping up too quickly.

That’s it for now…

Keep training honestly.



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