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Study Reveals Best Self Defense Program

Study Reveals Best Self Defense Program

Over the last several years, Bernard McPherson, Phd. conducted a study on interpersonal violence on campus and how to implement an effective self defense training solution for students and this is what he discovered…

Out of all the systems studied, The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) was selected to be the best to implement on campus based on content, effectiveness and ease of use. At present we are working out the details to start a pilot program at a large university in the coming months.

Dr. McPherson is a lifelong martial artist, Army Ranger and trauma nurse – so it is no surprise that he based his thesis on self defense. Dr. McPherson studied several well known systems of self defense and dozens of martial arts to determine which would be best suited to give students the right skills and strategies to best equip them to prevent and survive real violence.

Feel free to download and read Dr. McPherson’s thesis HERE >> EdD Final diss CM 9 21 2020.

The results of the study are located in Chapter 4 starting on page 70, however, if you read the whole thesis you will discover the huge impact interpersonal violence (IPV) or, more plainly, every day self defense has on our society, effecting millions of people each year and creating billions of dollars in damage.

Where does the Self Defense Company come in? 

Well, according to his thesis, many of these attacks can be avoided or stopped with the proper training…and that’s where The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) takes over. We are going to be helping our kids survive and win.

I want to congratulate Dr. McPherson on his incredible accomplishment and I look forward to helping him implement the SDTS program on campus!

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross


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