Sucker Punch Defense

Sucker Punch Defense

"How to defend against a sucker punch?" This questions comes up A LOT and it's no surprised that one of our members asked this in the recent CORE COMBAT WEBINAR.

The answer...is simple once you pay attention to your position and distance in relation to your potential threat. In this video we get into the specifics - please post your questions and comments below.


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  1. Example of a Sucker Punch: I am on an elevator with another person. The door opens. The other person exits first. I am behind the person exiting the elevator behind them. The person suddenly without provocation or notice quickly turns around and punches me in the throat as I am standing in the doorway of the elevator. (True Story) Yes, it was go time like a M’F’er. What could I have done to detect the person’s intent? Just a general awareness of the potential of any situation. Be aware of your surroundings head down watch their feet, and use your peripheral vision. It is just like Damian says create and keep distance if you can. If you can’t, its like Damian says. “It is go time.”

  2. @Damian Lol… Pete has Not indicated he has a problem with you😜

    @ James A… in an elevator I always assume that it can happen. I use peripheral vision, and I use the interview hand position. I act like I am fixing my glasses, my beard. As long as I have one arm in front of my throat and ready to rise up to my face. I just assume it can happen. And I always either take distance quickly to get out if I am in front or allow other people some distance before exiting myself. My family thinks I am crazy when I look around corners or head on a swivel before exiting an elevator. I would rather look crazy and be safe.

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