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Bodyguard Switchblade Backpack Commuter Model (3A Protection)

  • The QUICKDRAW single-pull system converts into a vest in less than a second (fastest in the world)
  • Both Full front and Back Protection - up to 60% more coverage than other backpacks
  • NIJ Level 3A Ballistic Protection Standard
  • Designed in the US, Made in Israel
  • Dimensions Height: 18.5 inches (47cm) Width: 13 inches (33cm) Depth: 6.3 inches (16cm)
  • Twaron™ Aramid Ballistic Material
  • 50 State Legal to own and wear
  • Fits almost any size - 5 feet to 6 feet, 6 inches (155cm to 244cm)
    • 28" to 58" waist (71cm to 147cm)
  • Weight 5 pounds (2.27 kg)
  • TSA approved
  • US Patent Pending
  • *Add the Bodyguard Shield Standard Plate to increase to 3+ protection (Switchblade accepts two (2) plates front and back)
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How it works

Where It Protects

The Switchblade uses Twaron™ Ballistic Material

The standard Switchblade Comes with 3A Protection

3A Will Stop

Add the Bodyguard Shield Standard Ballistic Plates and the Switchblade Protection increases to 3+

3 Will Stop

It weighs 5.7 pounds (2.6 kg) without plates – 11.2 pounds (5.1kg) with Bodyguard Ballistic Plates

  1. Put on the backpack as you would any other backpack.
  2. Grab the rip cords
  3. Pull straight up (don’t be shy)
  4. Secure the side protection and you’re good to go.
  1. Try it – put in on, make sure it’s snug, grab the ripcords and pull straight up. Try this a few times to make sure you’re pulling straight up and over.
  2. If it hits the back of your head, it’s too short and the need to LENGTHEN the vest straps with the Velcro adjustment in the protection chamber.
  3. If the protection isn’t coming all the way out of the protection chamber, then SHORTEN the vest straps with the Velcro adjustment in the protection chamber.

In addition to being a level 3A ballistic vest, the Switchblade is also a plate carrier.

To increase the Switchblade to level 3+ protection simply add Bodyguard Shield Standard Plates – the switchblade accepts 2.

To add the front plate – open the Velcro flap on the rocker panel and insert the plate (make sure to keep the front facing out).

To add the back plate, unzip the rear protection chamber and insert the plate in between the 3A protection panel and the back of the backpack, putting the plate closest to your body.

  1. Lay the Switchblade on the table.
  2. Extend the ripcords and fold the side protection over the rip cords.
  3. Place the protection top first into the front protection chamber. Make sure the top collar straps are folded and not tangled.
  4. Attach the ripcords to the Velcro on the shoulder straps.
  5. Starting with the RED loop, insert the deploy cord. Then insert it into the next loop located on the alternate side – weaving the front protection chamber closed.

NOTE: if you run out of deploy cord – no problem, just move the ripcord higher on the shoulder strap.


Additional Products

Bodyguard Shield Standard


Free shipping

Bodyguard Shield Standard Plate $199 each (free shipping)

  • Increases Switchblade to level 3+ protection
  • 3 pounds (1.4 kg)
  • 11.81in h x 9.84in w x .85in thick (300mm h x 250mm w x 21.5mm thick)
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Bodyguard Shield Ultra-light ADD TO CARTQuick View SWITCHBLADE Bodyguard Shield Ultra-light


Free shipping

Bodyguard Shield Ultra-Light Plate $295 each (free shipping)

  • Stand alone plate turns any backpack into NIJ level 3+ protection
  • 2.87 pounds (1.3 kg)
  • 11.81in h x 9.84in w x .85in thick (300mm h x 250mm w x 21.5mm thick)
Ballistic certificate More Info

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