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How to Avoid Justifiable Failure

How to Avoid Justifiable Failure Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company Don’t let your New Year’s Resolution become a victim of another Justifiable Failure. Justifiable Failure is when you set…

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How to Fight Drunk

How to Fight Drunk Take the Combatives Drinking Challenge¬† (ages 21 and older only) There’s kind of a “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy in martial arts when it comes to drinking….

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Too Old or Injured for Self Defense?The ugly truth is you would rat

Too Old or Injured to Learn Self Defense? Fact: If you’re older, injured and appear to be weaker you’re most likely to be targeted. Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company…

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The Ultimate Work Out – Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

The Ultimate Work Out Develop Combative POWER, SKILL and FAST RECOVERY with this all inclusive regiment. You may think I’m a machine – train all day, fight and f#ck all…

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The Truth About Knife Fighting

This is what you should know about edged weapons…. The actual field studies regarding knife wounds and the effects of attacks on different target areas were pioneered by WWII commandos….

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