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How to Avoid Justifiable Failure

How to Avoid Justifiable Failure Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company Don’t let your New Year’s Resolution become a victim of another Justifiable Failure. Justifiable Failure is when you set…

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The Seven Signs Your Instructor is Full of Sh!t.

Some people actually believe that any self defense advice is good. To that I ask you, is any medical advice good? Is any nutrition or exercise advice good?Of course not…so…

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How to Fight Drunk

How to Fight Drunk Take the Combatives Drinking Challenge  (ages 21 and older only) There’s kind of a “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy in martial arts when it comes to drinking….

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The Hardest Thing About Self Defense

…is taking the first step to fight back. When you practice in a typical self defense class – it’s easy to fight back.  Someone is the attacker and the other person…

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The Ultimate Work Out – Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

The Ultimate Work Out Develop Combative POWER, SKILL and FAST RECOVERY with this all inclusive regiment. You may think I’m a machine – train all day, fight and f#ck all…

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