Teenage girl learns forgotten method of self defense

Teenage girl trains in ‘forgotten’ self defense system

Teenage girl trains in ‘forgotten’ self defense system

It’s 9pm on a Tuesday night and while most high school students are working on their extracurriculars for college, one of them is preparing another way…

Meet Veronica.

This 17 year old came to train with Self Defense Company Instructor George Hutchings a few months ago and hasn’t looked back. She has been progressing through the SDTS Modules and can ‘handle” anyone who gets in her way now.

The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is a battle tested method of self defense that was originally developed for the military and the police but over recent years has found it’s way into the hands of everyday people.

“The reason it works is because of simplicity,” Instructor Hutchings comments, “It uses basic tactics of position and distance and then applies a set of simple skills we call CORE COMBAT techniques. We then apply those skills to any situation that we break down by position and distance. Now instead of trying to memorize dozens of individual counter attacks, the student just applies one simple set of skills to every situation. It’s just that simple.”

Because of this, Veronica’s confidence has continued to grow through her training, ” There is nothing more empowering than knowing that I can protect myself.”

Instructor Hutchings agrees, “It’s a pleasure seeing her grow with the Self Defense Training System. Veronica has been consistent and it’s great to see her confidence build.”  

Veronica training a close quarter gun defense from SDTS Module 8
Veronica training in Bare Knuckle Boxing from the SDC Vault.







George teaches regular classes in his studio and online.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Is there a series of drills I can do every day to get faster reflexes . Years ago there was a you tube video of an ex Israeli army
    Who was the fastest gun disarmer
    ( was lightning quick ) .
    I do Security , and as such can’t be the aggressor .
    The” Nob” has to take first swing . .
    Then I block n restrain/ take down .
    40 years ago I did KyokushinKarate
    We practiced over n over the same block
    . I’m not practicing any more , work n family
    And so are rusty .
    So , hence the drills

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. OK…here you go:

      SDTS Module 1 Unit 19 The Three Count Chop Drill
      SDTS Module 1 Unit 25 Essential Combinations
      SDTS Module 2 Unit 5 Hand Yoke Combination

      Now as suggested in the SDTS – practice your combinations with:
      Hands by your sides
      Hands behind your back

      OK – now on to the BIGGER ISSUE – the video of the fastest gun disarmer…look that’s just karate demo BS, please don’t read into it.

      As for waiting for him to take the first swing – YOU BETTER take your position of advantage.
      SDTS Module 1 units 5 through 9.

      That “block, restrain and takedown” go into the VAULT > Guardian Police Combatives – all you will ever need is there.

      Finally – a HUGE word of caution.

      We never…EVER try to restrain a subject one on one – DON’T DO IT, DON’T ATTEMPT IT.

      You must always outnumber your threat – we suggest 4 to 1. You can get away with 3 to 1 and I know it’s been done 2 to 1. But you shouldn’t do less than 3 to 1.

      If you’re dealing with someone who is non-compliant, CALL IN THE CAVALRY.

      If you’re employer expects you to be a super ninja or something – HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY.

      Taking someone down and restraining them one on one when they could be armed, have friends or simply just be dangerous is a NO WIN proposition.

      Wait for reinforcements.

      This is the TRUEST advice you’re ever going to get.

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