That “OH SH!T” Moment

That “OH SH!T” Moment


The “OH SH!T” Moment.

There’s a point in between your every day life and a traumatic event where you need a moment to process what is happening and shift into fight or flight. No matter who you are — trained, untrained, or on the job responding to a call – that moment can last one to several seconds (or forever) depending on who you are and how well you’re trained.

Right before an attack,  a car accident or even getting horrible news. That “OH SH!T” moment is when your mind shifts from your daily, normal routine to high stress and your SNS is activated. 

The following videos are people in the OH SH!T moment. 

Yosef Saleh Erakat or better known as “Fousey” is a youtube personality who could be described as a performance artist. The one thing he does well is to put complete strangers in situations where they would be justified in kicking his ass.

But they don’t. Even if they decide to attack him, he still has enough time to “talk them out of it.”

Take a look at “Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank”

I can say that all but two people reacted in a defensive manner, but it was still after a moment to “take it all in” and in the street — it’s TOO LATE.

Here’s the “Escaped Prisoner Prank”

Props to the guy swinging his motorcycle Helmet.

Now this one is insane…

What more evidence does this guy need – He’s watching a video of a pizza delivery guy getting murdered!!

The truth is, most people live in denial and let the OH SH!T moment take control and go way too long….criminals and good street fighters know this and can easily take advantage of you if you don’t train to recognize that moment and move through it as fast as a possible.

This is why SPECIFIC DEFENSES DON’T WORK and simple training and tactics work best. Add that OH SH!T moment to trying to determine whether it’s a grab, punch or stab and you’re going to be FROZEN trying to figure out which defense to use. 

This is why you should focus on position and distance of the target and concentrate your attack to non-specific target areas with primary, core techniques. This is what works.

I’m surprised Fousey hasn’t been killed yet but until then, I’ll keep watching.

Train Honestly,







Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company


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  1. well good thing that none of his victims are your students, he will be hospitalized for sure

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