The 10 Commandments of Combatives

The 10 Commandments of Combatives

The Commandments of The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) Combatives:


The “SECRET” that all good street fighters and criminals know is that if they MOVE FIRST, they’re going to win. 99% of people training out there FAIL to understand this and implement it in their training, AND ALL OF THEM – I can see by their concerns and comments don’t get it and refuse to understand that in order for you to SURVIVE AND WIN – you must move first. If you don’t and you train to wait – you will lose…EVERY TIME. – Damian Ross, The SDC

  1. Action is Always Faster than reaction.
  2. Manage the Distance between you and the potential threat – Awareness, environment, personal space.
  3. Always Maintain Your Balance – DESTROY the threat’s balance.
  4. Always Increase Your Momentum – STOP the threat’s momentum.
  5. Always Take Ground. Always be where the threat is standing.
  6. Use skills that can operate during SNS activation.
  7. Begin with techniques and tools that provide the LEAST amount of physical contact with the threat.
  8. Cause More Injury than you receive.
  9. Stop when the threat is no longer.
  10. Always Adapt your current mental and physical abilities to your self defense needs.


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