The Elbow Spike

The Elbow Spike

My instructor once told me…”Your favorite technique is the one that works.” And while I agree 100%…I can’t help but have a few personal favorites like this little sneaky move….

It’s called the Elbow Spike and you can use it’s great for creating space is extremely close situations…

The Elbow Spike is great in a crowd, a bar or any place where I’m forced to be close and don’t have the ability to establish distance…I missing a situation where you could use this?

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  1. Head, knees and elbows are are very effective at close range. They’re basic move one can use under duress.

    1. Absolutely Jeff

      The tools you are referring to are awesome in an extreme close quarters situation. Think in terms of two distances. Handshake range and in your face range. Handshake range you have your primary strikes (edge of hands, palm strikes, hammerfists etc) and in extreme close quarters you have secondary tools such as headbutts, ripping, maiming and strikes like elbows and knees.

      The elbow spike is useful in both ranges which makes it very cool and effective.

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