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Welcome to Family Safe!

The Family Safe Program™ will enable your to empower your children against bullies, potential threats and familiar sexual predators.

You’re going to give your children a concrete plan of action when separated on vacation, at the mall or on a class trip. Through the technique of “mind-setting” your family will learn in just minutes, what a lifetime of martial arts training can not provide..STREET SMARTS.

The Facts
Time to understand some of the real threats that face our kids. Stranger Danger is fine, but in only accounts for 15% people who commit crimes against children.  

What happens when your child is separated from you or your group? In this segment you’re going to teach them how to spot “safe strangers” and find a safe haven before it’s too late. 


How to Escape from Much Larger and Stronger Attackers
Give your kids their best chance at survival against bullies and adult predators. 


Plan, Decide, ACT!
The secret formula for self defense success. 


Truth be told, Family Safe is one of the most important programs we have ever released. Anti-bullying programs never give your child a REAL use of force reaction to violence and martial arts fill your kid’s heads with delusions of grandeur and convince them into thinking they can beat up an adult with magical martial arts powers. 

Obviously Family Safe can only go so far.

As your kids get older they become more independant and put themselves at greater risk.

They’re going to need to know more effect means of self defense and I want to give you the tools to keep educating them (and yourself) with the most comprehensive realistic training program of it’s kind the Elite Membership

The Elite Membership is over 600 lessons and drills in dozens of programs. It is literally everything you ever wanted or needed to know about self defense.

And you don’t need to leave home to do it. You can learn at your own pace, on your own and without a partner. 

We give you step-by-step practice drills and instruction to turn your knowledge into power. 

The Elite Membership is the most effective training available.

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  1. Profile photo of Mark Gibson
    Mark Gibson 2 weeks ago

    This is a really good program The only thing I observed is when a kid yells fire its possible that bystanders would think they are playing on a regular basis I’ve seen kids running around the neighborhood or sometimes through the apartment complex where I lived yelling fire without anything being wrong On the other hand shortly after 9/11 2001 and the world trade center plane attack there were kids running around my doctors office parking lot yelling he has a gun while just playing and caused a panic at the clinic sending it into lock down maybe help is better than fire for kids

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