The Karate Kid Scam

The Karate Kid Scam

What’s Wrong With This Picture? 

Forget what you see in the movies and what your local “martial arts expert” claims…
A child under the age of thirteen has ZERO chance to defeat a determined and dangerous adult.
Yet everyday millions of naïve parents drop their kids at the dojo with 100% confidence that their child is learning self defense.
And the ever-honorable sensei has no problem taking untold thousands from you while assuring you that your child will be safe against ALL THREATS.
Because they teach your kids the same way they teach adults and this is a DEADLY MISTAKE.
Children who haven’t gone through puberty yet lack the power to fight off an adult and they sure as heck don’t understand the complexities of predator behavior (most adults don’t either).
Teaching kids to scratch the eyes, bite and strike the testicles are LAST DITCH techniques that will FAIL and actually put your child at risk.
Instead, kids need to know how to identify dangerous situations and react MUCH, MUCH earlier before they get in over their head…
…and Master Who-Flung-Poo down at your local dojo HAS NO IDEA how to do this.
Instead he’ll teach forms, sparring and cute self-defense moves that work in the DEMO.

All the while convincing you they’re learning the “ancient, secret and deadly art” of self-defense.
This gives your child FALSE CONFIDENCE (and you an empty wallet).
 And it doesn’t matter how many little wood boards they break and trophies they win….they are not learning self defense…not even for the school yard.
After years of research we discovered that the kids who survive bullies and sexual predators know how to AVOID those situations all together.
Rather than focus on fighting, we taught them how to IDENTIFY DANGEROUS SITUATIONS and AVOID THEM.
In the FAMILY SAFE PROGRAM we give your child Six Golden Rules to follow.
One of those rules is “Don’t Leave the Herd”
A child should never be alone with an adult other than a close and trusted family member or teacher.
As soon as your child finds itself alone they should leave, find a family member, teacher or a “safe stranger”.
In fact, every time one of the Six Golden Rules is broken your child should have the SAME REACTION.
Kids understand rules and they can execute one simple course of action…ESCAPE.
After all…as the “Self Defense Guy” I wasn’t going to let anything happen to my own kids!
To see exactly what I taught my own kids Go HERE<<<
Keep ‘em SMART and Keep ‘em Safe,
Damian Ross
Father of Two
PS. Don’t let your child think what they do in the Karate Demo is what they can do in real life.

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