The dreaded wrist grab!!!!

It’s the first lesson taught by EVERY self defense instructor and it’s not only taught incorrectly – the defense you learn (typically a wrist release or some other complicated maneuver) will not work because –

You will not have the TIME and you will not have the fine motor skills to execute it in fight or flight situations. 

Check out the video below from 60 Minute Self Defense to see how we do it in the Self Defense Training System (SDTS).

Some more things to consider….

  1. Where did your attacker come from? Did he magically appear in a puff of smoke or drop out of the ceiling? No – in order for someone to impose their will on you…they need to get close to you. Most systems simply ignore this fact and start with the actual attack. Unfortunately all attacks NEVER happen like this.

    In 60 Minute Self Defense, we show you exactly how to manage your personal space and (in most cases) STOP the attack before it starts.

  2. The grab is just the beginning of the attack – I discuss this in the lesson, but it needs repeating because this is a flaw in most self defense systems – your attacker isn’t going to sit and wait for you to react (this is one of the problems of working with a partner also).

    In the street – your attacker EXPECTS TO WIN. So they’re going to attack in a way that will MESS YOU UP. They’re not going to wait for you to remember what to do. 

As soon as someone comes into your personal space, you need to REACT and we show you EXACTLY how to do that in 60 minute Self Defense.

All of your defenses must be INSTINCTIVE and CONVULSIVE.

To learn more about 60 Minute Self Defense visit:

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross

The Self Defense Company

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