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The Old School Series

“Your Self Defense May Work In the Street – But will it Work Behind Bars?”

This is the ONE Video Program that Anyone Serious About Self Defense Needs to Own.

The Old School Series features the Godfather of Modern Combatives Carl Cestari in his prime teaching the truth about self defense as no one else can.

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In 1989 Carl Cestari was released from prison. As a former cop, soldier and black belt Carl discovered quickly what worked and what didn’t. Imagine being a cop behind the wall in the 1980’s. It’s worse than you could possibly imagine. 

These videos were captured shortly after. Filmed in the basement of the infamous church in Paramus, NJ. Carl deftly lays out the reality of self defense and what it takes to survive and win under the worst possible conditions.

That’s why for a limited time I’m only allowing a handful of very serious minded people lifetime access to this incredibly rare program.


Who is Carl Cestari?

There has never been this rare combination of intelligence, experience and training in the self defense world BEFORE or SINCE. 



1965-1977   Training at the Cranford Judo Karate Center from age 9-18 

*Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo USJA under Yoshisada Yonezuka
*Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Tani-Ha Shito Ryu Karate (Shukokai)
(His Shukokai technique is based on study with four Sensei primarily: S. Kimura, Yonezuka, Kidachi and Ishihara. His training with Nanbu was very limited)

1977-1980   Army age 18- 21
1980-1982   Roselle Park Police Officer age 21-23
*Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu – Kodokai
*Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt in Nippon Kempo with Narabu Sada
*Instructors Certificate – Charles Nelson System of Self Defense under Charlie Nelson

1982  Charged with manslaughter age 23
1982-1984  Criminal trial age 23-25
1984-1989 Prison 25-31
1989-1992 Teaching North Jersey age 31-34
1993 – 1996 Diagnosed with Diabetes (still working and teaching) age 34-37
1996 – Stopped regular work and teaching due to illness age 39
1999 – 2006 Active on internet forums, filmed videos with Damian Ross conducted only a handful of seminars and training sessions due to illness and rapid decline in health.
*Founder of Tekken Ryu Jujutsu (Shinan)
2007 – Deceased age 49.


The Old School Series is the bedrock of every close combat education.

The Old School Series Includes:

  • Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat $95 value
    This is the video that started it all, in the first few minutes you will understand Carl’s Combative genius.
  • ​Advanced Methods of Striking $95 value
    Discover how to effectively strike with your lesser known natural weapons.
  • ​Ground Fighting $95 value
    Grappling is not ground fighting. Learn how to fight on the ground when you’re alone and out numbered.
  • Defense Against Grabs and Holds $95 value
    Don’t make the specific defense mistake. Discover proven tactics that work in the street and behind bars.
  • ​Bare Knuckle Boxing Bonus $55 value
    The Secrets for Punching in the Street Revealed.

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