The one question to ask any self defense expert

The one question to ask any self defense expert

The only question you should ask first is…

“How long will it take you to teach me to defend myself?” 

If the answer is anything longer than “one second”, you should leave and NEVER look back. 

Because they are teaching martial arts, NOT self defense.

The problem is martial arts focus on DEFEAT and VICTORY, not survival. It’s based around a contest where you are matched in a battle of skill and will against your opponent. You spar, you grapple, you score points, you make them tap. You are constantly trying to WIN. To beat a single opponent under a specific set of rules over a certain period of time. 

Now think of using that philosophy against the WORLD.

It’s impossible, impractical and down right dangerous.

You never know who you’re going to face and the toughest person today is NOT the toughest person tomorrow so self defense against an unknown enemy or enemies must be faced with a completely different attitude based on ESCAPE and RESISTANCE using whatever means at your disposal.

Self Defense = survival. 

Every living being, from a plant to an ant knows how to save it’s own skin and the first answer and the only answer to “How long will it take you to teach me to defend myself?” is ONE SECOND. 


Avoid, Escape and Evade is the first level and EVERYONE should know how to do this. 

After that, it requires more time and practice as you engage the enemy, but you start with the bare minimum: How to recognize threats and avoid potentially dangerous situations…and always…TRUST YOUR GUT.

If something feels wrong, it is – humans have this gift but often ignore it because of REASON.

Trust your instinct and get out of there.

Forget about defeating all comers and start by resisting all attacks. 

Train Honestly, 


The Self Defense Company

PS. This must be trained in a systematic manner and the lessons that follow should reflect a priority on threat identification and avoidance behavior. If you start off with forms and sparring…that’s not going to help you IDENTIFY, ESCAPE and EVADE. 

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