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The Over Inflated Ego of the “Trained” Martial Artist

The Over Inflated Ego of the “Trained” Martial Artist

One criticism about SDTS Combatives is that it’s simple and would work against some one who is untrained.

What does this mean, exactly?  Does this pertain to the woman who takes muay thai or the serial rapist sociopath that has successfully applied his trade a dozen times?

Does it apply to the mixed martial artists or a bag man on a pick up?

Who do you want to fight for your life against?  The martial artist or the emotionally disturbed person who gargles with pepper spray? Personally, if I had my choice, I’d take my chances with the guy who thinks he has all the answers and not the guy who has nothing to loose.

Is our stuff simple? You bet your ass it’s simple. It has to be. Anything that works in a real fight needs to be simple and straight forward. Here’s a pop quiz, what’s the most widely used technique with the highest degree of success and knock out rate? (Drum roll please?..) The Over Hand Right! But that’s so simple, everybody knows that. You learn that your first day of boxing. Since it’s so simple and everybody knows it; why does it work? Because some one decided to seize the opportunity to throw it and it hit its mark. That’s the essence of a fight, timing, opportunity and luck. The techniques can’t be complicated.

Anything can be blocked if you know it’s coming. But in the street you will be approached in a way or by a person who is banking on the fact that you won’t do anything — or you won’t have TIME to do anything. They will be disarming and DECEIVE you. Remember – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SUCKER PUNCH.

So you’re trained, great. God bless you and congratulations. Now I heard Jon Bluming say something that I thought was right on the money. If you don’t know who Jon Bluming is, ask google. He said that grappling and submissions are treated as “support systems” and he continued to say that you will spend more time training your support systems rather that your primary self defense. That doesn’t mean don’t train in these systems, because you will fall back on these if you, well- miss or slip. Which happens more than you think; but you want a front line of defense. EVERYONE needs a “front line of defense.”

This is where 60 Minute Self Defense comes in:

Is it simple: YES.
Basic: HELL YES.

Now make no mistake, I am not advocating NOT to practice other endeavors, I think they’re great. Competition and training are excellent character builders and those support systems can save your bacon, but if you you had to choose between your front line defense and your support skills – the answer is clear.

So will our stuff “work” against someone who is trained- you bet, it has and it does. Self defense at its core isn’t complicated… it can’t be because it must function under SNS activation. Martial Arts are a business model that depends on you training longer and more often. They are designed for SAFETY and are filled with tradition and sport – if that’s your thing, great – but if you only want missions specific self defense…well you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve worked with tough, talented martial artists, they knew a whole bunch of stuff…but when the SHTF it was “reverse punch and repeat”. I’ve also known some guys WHO NEVER set foot in a gym that would “eat many black belts for lunch.”

So when I hear martial artists think that because they are “TRAINED” the can handle anything “UNTRAINED” I have to chuckle.

Train Honestly,

Founder of the Self Defense Company
Yodan (fourth degree black belt) Tekkenryu Jujutsu under Carl Cestari
Shodan (First degree black belt) Kodokan Judo under Yoshisada Yonezuka
Varsity Wrestling Lehigh University under Thad Turner
2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
Fire Fighter
Former Bouncer and Bodyguard

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I hear the “trained fighter” argument from a lot of different people. Particularly from the MMA people and BJJ practitioners. Usually, I hear an argument regarding self defense where someone says “that technique/move will never work against a trained person (i.e. that technique won’t work against me because I am “trained” and have a defensive technique/move against it).” I always want to point out that even in constrained conditions such as a professional UFC fight how often you will see a “trained” fighter throw and hit another “trained” fighter with an overhand right or haymaker and knock them out-regardless of whether either were great muay thai fighters, kickboxers, wrestlers, BJJ black belts or whatever. Contrast that with how often you see high level “advanced” chokes being performed and actually working-very rarely. Generally an overhand right takes extremely little training or practice and look at how often it lands and knocks out people at the professional level. To your point Damian simple is what works.

    1. Right – Look, you can be trained in this or you can be trained in that – training is still training only this training has a mission specific purpose.

      That being said..who would you rather fight…the “untrained” sociopath who has to eat what he kills every day in the street – or the MMA guy who hides behind his style?

    2. One more thought for your “trained” friends Cam…who are they practicing with? I guarantee it’s the same style 99.99% of the time. Now you have a room full of people doing the similar techniques, speaking the same “language” operating with in the same constraints with no one trying to seriously injure or kill the other. It’s CULTure that is “buying in” to the same belief – their style is the best, it has to be because if someone else is RIGHT, they’re wrong..

      While and argument can be made that the SDTS is a style, but it’s not driven by technique, only principles and tactics.

      Manage the Distance – Awareness, environment, personal space.
      Action is faster than reaction.
      Maintain Your Balance – Destroy your target’s balance.
      Increase momentum – STOP your target’s momentum.
      Always take ground.
      Use techniques that operate during SNS activation.
      Begin with techniques and tools that provide the LEAST amount of contact with your target.
      Cause more injury than you receive.
      Stop when there is no longer a threat.

      1. Thanks Damian. I 100 percent agree with everything you said. It is interesting that the culture of martial arts can so often become literally cult-like.

        1. Yeah…that’s because the need to belong to a tribe is human nature. We all have it and it’s necessary to survive but if you “pick your tribes” well and know that this is a human condition – so you won’t blindly follow someone over the edge.

  2. I agree 100%. I also wanted to point out that a high percentage of our fighting/attacking is “mental fortitude”. Tear the guy apart.

  3. Thanks Damian. I 100 percent agree with everything you said. It is interesting that the culture of martial arts can so often become literally cult-like.

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