The Problem with Women Only Self Defense Classes

The Problem with Women Only Self Defense Classes

The problem with women only self-defense classes is that there aren’t any men.

I obviously understand why these classes exist – no men, creates an empowering, comfortable learning environment.

But is that REALLY what you need?

There is a 99.9999999% chance your attacker is going to be male. So you need to inoculate yourself and know what it’s like to be locked up with someone who is bigger and stronger. Someone who looks, smells and moves differently.

You need to feel uncomfortable. 

Below is a brief clip of Instructor George Hutchings training a female student.

Compare that to what you see in the images below.



women learning self-defense

women training in self-defense









Now there are short term exceptions to the “NO BOYS” rule. If you feel subconscious and want to try out a self defense class or you’re a victim of a violent crime and don’t feel comfortable around men – totally understandable. However, at some point you’re going to need to go against a man.

This will set your mind right and add the proper edge to your training. At the end of the day…you’re training to prevent a RAPE or MURDER that is most likely going to be perpetrated by a man — and preparing for that reality is what’s truly EMPOWERING.

Train Honestly,


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