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Hate Mail

Hate Mail


In spite of the thousands of people out there doing what we do…haters still gonna hate…




I’ve put a stop to watching this nonsense, so why do I keep seeing it? This fella obviously needs a Blow……up doll! LOL – Manny Hawthorne





The Self Defense Company is supreme crap. Sidney McGillicky






Looks like Rexkwondo to me. Al







Lmao.. B.S. Tommy Weir





Rush_Oner : I practice Rexkwondo… you think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face when I got My American Flag karate pants on!?!? NO WAY!






Johnathan Isgitt: I already am a weapon I got in trouble in self defense part of taekwondo class for being too violent. It has helped me in many self defense situations. Also boxing, jiu jitsu, weightlifting, and gun and knife training.





Albert Cuccinello: A book will in no way substitute for hours of training with live training partners and a skilled instructor. The advertisement minimizes Krav Maga training in which I spent many hours training , The most effective and disabling techniques are sometimes the simplest but must be drilled and subsequently become muscle memory. An eye gouge, throat strike, groin slap or any other combative must become a reaction during an attack, like steping on the brakes when the light turns red. This can only be accomplished through repetitive drilling and training. Good luck with the book…


Billy J. Blackmon: Looks to be physical, I’d rather just shoot em.






Steve Dempster: Oh yeah. A book. All the secrets.







Isaiah Deshon: Dude you’re still running this, you’re the fakest self defense practitioner ever.






Hector Estevez: Joke





Jon Fokker This is a fucking joke. GTF outta here. All u saying its a “great system” either have ties with this crap or dont know WTF ur talking about. JS





Louis Anthony Did this guy just say you can learn how to defend your self in 25 hrs of training? Please people do not buy Into this shit you can not learn to defend your self from videos or books. Unless u already have a background in martial arts .





Wayne Petitto: He totally lost me at “better than Krav Maga”… Nope, not even close. Maybe some goof solid basics but NOT better than Krav. Especially when he says something totally stupid like “Home invaders got your wife and kids? Easy.” Sorry this is absolutely BS.





Ken Jordan I’m a trained martial artist in Combined combative martial arts and you do not learn this from a book. One needs to actually train with qualified instructor and lean techniques and practice scenarios with opponent and and actually spar , not just hit some idle dummy.





Moshe Moshe Not good. Many other options. Trying to sell you on fear.





Nuñez Kandelers: With all do respect, that’s the biggest bull crap I ever seen hahahahaha







Craig Turnbell: Looks more like a dance class to me.





Alex Puzza: This reminds me of the dude who was selling his system that GUARANTEED you to get your Black Belt in one year in his online course.  I always say that knowing SOME self defense is better than knowing NO self defense. But the claims made here are just ridiculous! Show us your stats! How many times has your system been tested against fighters? How many military and law enforcement agencies have adopted your system and swear by it because the officers and soldiers used it successfully over and over again? This is insulting to the martial arts and self defense community who dedicated their lives to learning, mastering, and teaching strategies and techniques that actually work.



Eric Stivender You can’t learn shit from a video you have to have one on one contact and practice






Charles Todd What a joke!






James Hiromasa All the catch phrases, scarcity, and marketing hooks in the headlines. Bravo.





Larry Liss Yeah right you have to put your hands on someone to know what it feels like you have to train hard man read letters






John Monahan I am always skeptical of this type of stuff. Knock out “any man?” If you’ve never been in a fight in your life or just aren’t good at fighting this is not going to do you a damn bit of good.




Jim Sherman You can’t learn martial arts from a book .all you can do is find a different way to get your ass beat






Jeffrey Moore Don’t waste your money ! Garbage





Sami Ibrahim Foolishness! To be better than Krav Maga is like claiming to be better than fruit loops for self defense… this is what happens when friends don’t tell friends they suck and when you only train against compliant partners and start to buy into your own bs




Kane Davis Capitalize on their fear. sleep great tonight.








Len English Bulletproof? Might want to consider legal advise about false advertisement. Consider bullet resistant. Course that might negatively impact marketing and fear mongering.

Didn’t take an hard look at your product. Any specific pouches, pockets, enclosed areas specifically for firearm(s), first aid or medical supplies, flashlights, or other needed emergency gear/supplies?


Larry D. Jones Come to my dojo and.say that.







Thorin Crandall Sup ugly dum dum







Bob Gilbert Heck, I think I could whip that dummy with no arms or legs. Send me $20 and I’ll tell you how to do it too.







Bradley Johnson Yet Another set of Vultures Taking advantage of stupid people’s ignorance….. F’n Pathetic ? ?





Rick Goodwyn This is Bullshit ! another company looking to make millions ! The solution is simple and will not cost a penny ! I have talked to many active and retired vets and all of them would be proud to patrol and guard our children ! The people who run this country do NOT Care about their safety ! What they want is our personal protection ! They want to take your guns !



Meshack Browning if I buy a shop manual for cars, reading it is not going to make me a mechanic . if you can’t fight by the time your out of High school , reading about self defense isn’t going to cut it.





James Jones These videos will get your ass handed to you. Go get real training








Chris Monahan How many fights have u been in? It never goes the way it’s shown in these frigin clips. Hit them or hurt them any way u can and run.







Ren Halverson Complicated don’t work, promise!








Eugene Franke this clown says you will be able to disarm some one armed with a gun. Thats kinda hard to do if you have a slug in your brain






Brian Swaja I can say that in United States Marine Corps Boot Camp we drilled in a very effective hand to hand that incorporated several disabling moves all in one smooth motion that would leave an attacker rendered completely useless laying on the ground with multiple broken bones and dislocated joints and generally a bloody mess. Now if the movement was followed through to the end it eliminates the need to fire even a single round, let alone empty a mag. The end result would be the same. Now, having said that. I still prefer to carry because a bullet travels much faster than I and goes straight to where it’s needed.




Michaels Dolans 25 hours Lol








UmarNina Arrastia Garbage…..







Travis Smith Bullshito.






Shawn Matthews Bull shit. I have been embarrassing self defense instructors for decades who like to ‘demonstrate’ their moves on the big guy. Funny how all their fancy moves amount to nothing when you use your weight to thwart them.






Dennis Nackord While hesitating to comment I feel compelled to explain what is being taught here. First, any tricks or shortcuts would probably work against an untrained fighter as in these photos. Proper martial arts training teaches how to fight other trained fighters.The emphasis then is on defense not offense, or checking the opponents ability to fire while you are. I see none of this here. On the contrary, the bad guy is always able to counter during these so called real moves. There is no checking of the opponents width, depth or height zones to nullify his ability to counter. In the knife techique shown, even an untrained knife fighter will rotate his arm clockwise, withdraw the blade and cut the exposed neck artery. Whoops, that wouldn’t be too good. It is somewhat frustrating when after 52 years of being in the martial arts it is criticized and even demeaned by the unevolved. ps. It is noticed that the ‘good guy’s’ head is out of position in some of the photos. No athlete in any sport carries his head in that position since it restricts ones abiliity to respond quicky since the body posture is incorrect.
Kim Rapp Or, “How To Get Yourself Killed In 5 Easy Steps”
 Would have to say go to a real martial arts facility, where they are licensed or go to a boxing club. A book is not going to teach you self defense. If you have never been in a fight or had a major adrenaline dump, then you are not going to know what to do. Just my experience from having uncles that are a 3rd don an 2nd don. Plus the back ground of hand to hand combat from the old school military. Just my opinion, nothing more nothing less.
Steve LilegdonHa ha ha! Not in the academies, he is the only source in the whole world.
You will obliterate your opponent…apparently it does not matter how big and strong you or your opponent are! 65 year old 130 lb woman vs who and she wins with just this info and training on her own…RIGHT! ?Scam artist alert.
Michael HutchisonHey my name is Michael Hutchison my phone number is 530-360-8650 I want to fight you so you can show me your secrets and I will show you mine
James E Dyer Pure self defense is using common sense, no fancy techniques, but understand you can’t learn self defense from a book, it takes someone that knows how to properly use the technique, distance and timing, I’m not saying that seeing the technique in action won’t help, but unless you have someone to train with or work the drills with, a book isn’t going to help you. Also when training in self defense, the person has to take each technique seriously as though their life is truly in danger when training or using it.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Too funny lol. I love reading the hate mail from people who HAVE NOT trained in the SDC and are simply just running their mouths. Come and train with us. Come learn our concepts and principals. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got ones and most people’s stink.

  2. When you breed with negativity you produce negative outcomes. Most of these negative postings are from people who can’t even spell. All learned concepts can only be good for you. If you get ONLY ONE move to practice and convert to muscle memory, you have success. People can keep their negative crap to themselves and get rid of it into the toilet.
    Positive Instructor

  3. After 36 years in Law Enforcement, I have seen things you have not. Now I teach people how not to become a victim. Before that can happen, the student has to agree that he/she does not want to become a victim to ANY wolf for ANY reason. We have a saying, “When seconds count the police are only minutes away.”

    I hope your world stays as safe as you want it to be. I will continue to help people be prepared.

    O. K. Neal

  4. Roger that, O.K. I too retired from police work. Before that I was an MP and before that a Corporal in THE 82nd Airborne Recon Platoon. In all that time I learned a lot of truths. One of them was that the only reason to have law enforcement was simply to prevent total anarchy. Other than that I often compare men to rats and have also learned that rats are simply men with fur, in their primal form.
    I also learned that in order to conquer your enemy you must understand EVERYTHING about them. Know where they will attack from and how, where they shit, where they screw, where and what they eat, and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING about them. A 5 foot tall Filipino buck sergeant taught me that and everything I needed to know to be successful in my missions and stay alive. Well…here I am, still alive and a living menace to my adversaries.

    1. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and I know what hate is brother, When you ignore them and their hate they willl start to kill them selves.

  5. Thanks for posting this Damian, I suffer from both severe anxiety & depression, I’m very sensitive to negative words from other people specially from loved ones. Seeing you embracing it is kind of inspiring.

    1. Look…there is constructive, positive criticism…and then there’s this stuff…crap. People say shitty things because of their own insecurities and shortcomings.

      They don’t know or understand who we are and what we do. The ASSUME and post the first ridiculous thing that pops into their brains.

      You can’t control what they say…but you CAN control what you feel.

      If someone calls me an asshole…hey maybe they’re right – all I know are my intentions and the reasons I came to that particular point in time that prompted someone to tell me I suck.

      I know what’s what…and if they’re posting it…IT’S BECAUSE I THREATEN A BELIEF.

      Every person that posts is upset about something I said or did and feels compelled to respond to their insecurity by saying something negative.

      AS SOON AS THEY POST…we’ve won. The “fight” is over.

      Keep in mind, I don’t respond and do this to change their minds…I do this for people like you…who read it and don’t post. You’re the person I want to reach…you’re the reasonable one.

      1. That’s it. You threaten a belief. Strange how some people are so prideful. I have done lots of Taekwondo in my life, done some bjj too. Also some mma. Dabbled to a lesser degree in a few other things. Enjoyed that stuff. But though i enjoyed those sports i knew i’d never actually do almost any of it in a real self defense situation. I also enjoyed baseball and basketball very much! But wouldn’t have used that for self defense either lol. I took my sports serious and got good at them. Its no offense to say that being good at any of them are not good for self defense. Had fun, and got fit. That is what i was in them for. In fact i think by my experience in those arts, i am even more qualified in saying this training is far more legit than most of those fat,angry guys that wouldn’t say any of this stuff to your face lol. Good job Damen.

  6. Bruce Lee always said to keep things simpl and he got to be so good by being open minded to different things.He even took ballet.I don’t understand the hate because you show some things online for free.Keep doing what your doing

  7. Listen to these shit talkers! My Dad was a Green Beret and he taught me 3 moves!! 3 in two minutes!! Keep doing you Sir and thank you!!!

  8. Do these people know who taught Damien in Combatives? Carl Cestari one of the most lethal minded Combatives teachers of all time and who trained Carl? William E Fairburn and Rex Applegate and these were the originators of Gutterfighting the same method that they taught WW2 soldiers to fight the Nazi’s in hand to hand combat. So when people talk the hate it wouldn’t hurt if they did.their research on the people they ridicule. Know the facts before you judge and the reason that Damien uses a B.O.B. Dummy is because if people just spar without supervision you can accidentally kill your sparring partner. And Damien like a lot of.the Practioners in his field practice daily to keep themselves in shape.

  9. Yes…Drilling in a martial arts class is BETTER….
    I think learning from videos is very effective for self defense and I already have used techniques I learned in videos….
    These nasty commenters are acting like this is training for an MMA championship…
    There are countless reasons why someone would not want to join a class…
    Are these people actually stating you can’t learn countless effective combinations and moves from repeated video viewing and bag training?

  10. These negative comments show me cockiness more than anything else.
    The SDS has given me more confidence to protect me and my family. I taught the drills to my three daughters in college since I cant be with them all the time and its gives my wife and I peace of mind that they will hit to hurt and hit with hate. Keep doing what you know is helping others who believe in it.

  11. Keep up the good work Damien. Keep blowing up the bullshit PC myths of what self-defence really is because one day, more people will start to listen. I see what passes as self-defence instruction on the news and I’m horrified. Anyone who gets any of your short courses or watches your videos that you include in your emails would be better prepared than at least some of those poor misguided fools.

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