The Self Defense Company

The Self Defense Company

The Self Defense Company Mission.

Our mission is to provide real and practical solutions for anyone who has the will to defend themselves and protect their loved ones against violence regardless of their age, size and physical ability.Who we are.

The Self Defense Company is a global network of close combat experts with military, law enforcement, security, martial arts and combatives experience united under one system and one mission. See a few of our Instructors Here <<<How we accomplish our mission.

Through tactical training with the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) and Bodyguard Personal Armor.

What is the Self Defense Training System™ (SDTS)?

The Self Defense Training System is a complete training program that includes all aspects of self defense including conflict resolution, awareness, escape and evasion, empty hand techniques, close quarter weapons, weapon retention and methods of arrest and restraint. The program was developed over a century of modern warfare and will enable a smaller weaker person can survive or defeat a much larger and stronger attacker.

The SDTS accelerates the time to develop real self defense skill and promises to deliver in 30 days or less to anyone enrolled in the program by:

  • Eliminating all of the sport and ceremony normally associated with traditional martial arts.
  • Using Core Combat Techniques that are simple, gross motor movements, easy to execute and remember in fight or flight situations.
  • Delivering the skills in a progressive method where each skill builds on the last one.
  • Inoculating you against fight or flight stress through Combat Conditioning Drills and installing a GO and NO GO condition.
  • Multimedia platform including on demand video and live, private instruction.
  • Developing a personal, customized program based on your current physical condition, skill set, goals and schedule.

Features of the Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

  • Step by step online video programs and courseware (over 600 lessons and drills)
  • Live, online private training sessions with a certified Self Defense Company Instructor
  • Certification and promotion
  • No partner needed
  • Only One to four Sessions per month
  • Train in the comfort of your own home

Think Peloton Cycle Meets Self Defense…

What do you need to Start the SDTS?

The will to defend and protect and an internet connection.

Where to Begin?

With 60 Minute Self Defense and an Intro Lesson.

Click Here to Start the STDS
What is Bodyguard Personal Armor™?

Bodyguard Personal Armor is military grade ballistic protection designed for everyday use. Extremely affordable and concealed in stealth designs, it’s ballistic protection without the attention. The Bodyguard comes in two designs, the Tactical Jacket and the Switchblade Backpack.

Features of Bodyguard Personal Armor:

  • 50 State Legal
  • Lab certified, Military Grade Ballistic Protection.
  • US Patent Pending
  • TSA Approved
  • NIJ Level 2 to 4 Protection (can stop 99.9% of all firearms used in violent crime)

The Self Defense Company in the Field.

Self Defense Company Instructors don’t just teach online, they are located all over the world and are currently teaching the SDTS to a wide variety of clients.

From US Special Forces stationed in Lebanon to the Punishment and Corrections Center in Dubai,  the SDTS and our Instructors are sought out for their expertise and professionalism.

To see the list of current, active Instructors GO HERE <<<

For SDTS Member Reviews GO HERE <<<

Think you have what it takes to be a Self Defense Company Instructor?  GO HERE and Fill Out the Application <<<

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