Self defense isn’t a martial art, it’s not a style – it’s an instinct.

A life skill that you need to adapt to your current physical abilities

Do you really think what you learned in boot camp over 30 years ago applies to the person you are today?

Maybe, maybe not – but somewhere along the way you will get injured and older and you need to adapt who you are NOW to your self defense skill. 

Over the last two decades we’ve been developing a program called the Self Defense Training System and now, thanks to technology we have created the ultimate self defense experience that combines on demand video with live, expert instruction. 

It’s both accessible and affordable.

This allows a Self Defense Company Instructor in Canada to teach a private lesson to a student in South Africa…and both of them didn’t even leave their living rooms. 

How well does it work? 

Well…I’ll let Andy tell you…

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I’m writing this testimonial about George Hutchings Self Defense Instructor with the Self Defense Company.

I signed up to the self defense company doing online training, I was given George Hutchings as instructor and ever since our first online training session meeting going through modules.

I see George Hutchings as a very good friend and an incredible instructor

I have done several martial arts styles and karate in few instructors and never have I met anyone as good of an instructor as George Hutchings he is very passionate bout teaching and always going the extra mile.

His teaching makes me want to do and learn more, I would recommend George Hutchings to anybody that wants to learn self defense.

Incredible person an amazing instructor

I’ve learned more from George in just few months about self defense than ever before.

As an instructor and mentor I value George Hutchings as the best, one can really learn a lot from him.

Thank you so much George for all the amazing study guides way you are teaching me and always going that extra mile in teaching me.


Andy Moller
Live Training Member
South Africa

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