The Truth About Stranger Danger

The Truth About Stranger Danger

“The Truth About Stranger Danger”

Every kid knows to run away from strangers, but that only solves 15% of your problem.

Fact: 85% of crimes against children are committed by someone you know: a friend, family member, coach, teacher or older child.
Predators assume positions of where they have access and authority over your children.
They’re smart, they know how to “pick their prey” and they will lie in wait until they find the perfect victim.
Running away from strangers is easy, but it gets complicated when it’s a camp counselor…
This is why we stress COMMUNICATION in the FAMILY SAFE PROGRAM.
It’s important that you talk about this with your kids.
And there’s a simple, matter of fact way you can do it WITHOUT scaring the heck out of them.
After all, they learned to swim with the real possibility of drowning, now you can show them how to survive with the real possibility of  being bullied, sexual assaulted or abducted.
Discover how to EMPOWER them to trust their instincts.
This is how I taught my own kids to e SMART and SAFE…
Keep ‘Em Smart, Keep ‘Em Safe,
The ‘Always Worried’ Father of Two

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