The Lie 90% of All Gun Owners Tell Themselves

The Lie 90% of All Gun Owners Tell Themselves

“All I need is a gun for self defense.”

More ignorant words have never been spoken. No one doubts the effectiveness of a firearm, but to think that all you need is a gun for any and every self defense situations is ignorant, lazy and demonstrates a real lack of respect and understanding to real world violence and justified use of deadly force.

While most people reading this will most likely agree – all you need to do is look at social media comments to see the ignorant who give gun owners a bad name…

But don’t take my word for it…let’s look at the some of the facts regarding violent crime. 


According to the FBI there are 1,197,704 violent crimes committed in a given year.

Source: https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/latest-crime-statistics-released

Of those crimes 810,825 were aggravated.

Of the aggravated assault offenses for which law enforcement provided expanded data in 2017, 26.3 percent (213,246) were committed with firearms. Personal weapons, such as hands, fists, or feet, were used in 25.4 percent (205,949) of aggravated assaults, and knives or cutting instruments were used in 17.2 percent (139,461). Other weapons were used in 31.1 percent (252,166)  of aggravated assaults

To be fair, these numbers are raw and you would have to dig deeper to the specifics of each case to determine if a firearm would be justified, but for argument’s sake – we’ll say you would be most likely be justified against a firearm or edged weapon.

Adding those two numbers together gives you 352,707 of aggravated assaults involved a deadly weapon. Keep in mind that this includes the weapon being found on the actor and not necessarily being used in the crime.

But based on that number…out of all the violent crimes you would be justified to use your firearm 29% of the time. Leaving you SOL the other 71%.



Bicycle Accident 1 in 4,700

Car accident 1 in 140

Suicide 1 in 121

Cancer 1 in 7

Heart Disease 1 in 5

The chances of your being in a simple assault (no weapon is present) 1 in 117* 

*NOTE: These are reported assaults, that number is probably a lot greater. 

You are 188 times more likely to be involved in a situation where [sociallocker id=”18629″] you will not need or be justified to use your firearm.

But it get’s better, let’s check out the list of places where you CAN’T carry (and this is just off the top of my head)

Federal Buildings 

Post Offices

School Zones



Any business that makes you check your firearm

States without Conceal Carry

Foreign Countries

Now let’s talk about what can happen if you can use your firearm.

  • Misfire or jam
  • You Miss
  • You hit him with everything but unless it’s in the heart or the brain stem…you still have to fight.  

Even if you have your firearm, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to fight for space to access and draw your weapon. 

Make no mistake – I own firearms, but you need to be a realist and understand the benefits and short comings of every tool in your kit. 

If you’re serious about self defense, you practice every aspect of it that includes empty hand, impact and edged weapons as well as firearms.   

Putting all of your faith, safety and welfare of you and your loved ones in a mechanical device that you can’t carry everywhere you live, work and play and was made of parts from the lowest bidder, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t live the in “firearm bubble.” 

It comes down to laziness and complacency. Self defense training requires a little more physical effort than point and shoot and for most people…well that’s just too much work.

The problem is that you put all your faith in technology instead of yourself. A weapon is only as good as the man or woman holding it. 

Train Honestly, 

Damian Ross

The Self Defense Company

Published by theselfdefenseco

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Hi Damian ,Charlie Nelson one time gave his business card to a NYPD officer.The officer said no thanks in taking lessons.He said all he needed was Glock.Jerry C

  2. Jerry Caropolo Right – get that ALL THE TIME Jerry. Meanwhile the cop is standing 2 feet away from you.

    It’s an excuse to be a little lazy. Truth is, if these guys knew how simple it was, they would do it.

  3. I hear tho statements everyday. I love to challenge those type of people tho just to prove that you have to be able to get to the weapon. Every now and then I’ll get someone to say ok try me and it usually ends with them shoved in a corner with their hands no where near their weapon haha.

  4. We recently had a situation in Raleigh, NC in which a woman was killed by her estranged partner.  She had done most of the right things: filed papers against him with the courts (multiple times), taken a CCP class, got the CCP, bought a firearm, and carried the firearm.  The thing that she DIDN’T do was the piece of the puzzle that ended with her death – she didn’t get any training in making space (hand-to-hand training).  As a result, she allowed her ex to get too close.  She got one shot off (which hit him in the leg) before he controlled her (and the weapon) and shot her in the face.
    A CCP is a piece of paper, just like a restraining order is just a piece of paper.  It’s not a magical shield against people with bad intentions.

  5. KeithWebb1 Keith, this is exactly the point we make to gun owners and they still insist a firearm replaces the need for any unarmed training. 

    Do you have a copy of that article? I’m going to google search now.

  6. KeithWebb1 Never mind Keith, I found the article. https://www.wral.com/raleigh-woman-charged-as-accessory-in-franklinton-domestic-shooting/14800429/

  7. Myconcealed carry instructor was a 25 year veteran from the police force. Though people across the country to protect themselves with firearms nearly every day, he strongly urges to take additional courses in self-defense and carry pepper spray. it’s all about awareness of your surroundings in using good judgment. that is everything! look for other alternatives before you have to pull out that weapon and shoot somebody!

  8. MeFein That starts at about 20 feet away when:
    1. You know you’re going to draw your weapon and you’ve already made the decision to use deadly force. 
    2. You get a “READY SET GO”

    Like most self defense drills, the Tueller Drill is based on a set of unrealistic circumstances. 

    This is a good drill for law enforcement, but pretty useless for civilians.

  9. DamianRoss MeFein

    Exactly my point, Damian.  If you can’t get an overtly carried firearm out in time, you have no chance getting a concealed weapon out if the guy is within 20 feet.  And few states that offer concealed carry allow overt carry.

  10. MeFein DamianRoss Great to meet you and I’ll see you inside. Your Tueller Drill comment has inspired another post!

    Enjoy the holidays.

  11. Greysen

    This is all very true. It seems to me, a lot of firearms enthusiasts also neglect a critical aspect of effectively presenting their weapon in the course of a crisis situation: TRAINING. Not simply going to the range nailing paper targets while in a target shooter’s stance. Good training is hands-on and covers all real-world aspects of a firefight. Also, anyone ever heard of the 21 ft. rule? You have to have 21 ft. between you and your attacker to effectively deploy your weapon. And most people can’t shoot effectively outside that range with a handgun, anyways! I won’t deny that handguns are great and they are useful. If it was me, I’d keep an assault rifle or a shotgun in my car. I can use a combination of handgun and unarmed combat techniques to fight my way to my car and then use my shotgun or AR to more effectively defend myself. But Damian Ross is right: unarmed combat training should always be the foundation for anyone’s self/home protection plans. To my dearly beloved 2nd Amendment enthusiasts out there: You won’t always have your guns. You must train your bodies, minds, and spirits. Stay safe! Stay Second Amendment!

    Without wax,

  12. A firearm is like any other tool in our self defense tool box, sometimes you may have it with you and can access it, and other times not. If one is serious about being prepared, having pepper spray, a knife, a cane, large rings, or other self defense items readily available is definitely preferred over empty hand fighting. Training to defend oneself bare handed is a necessity, but in my opinion so is training to use what ever is at hand as a weapon first. Thank you Damian for offering the weapons training as well.

  13. Carry whatever you can use. But anyone can be surprised, unable to deploy a defensive tool, fumble its proper use, use it ineffectively, drop it, have it taken away, etc. If shit happens, then what? If you got no close combat hand to hand skills, you might not have a life, or worse yet, what happens to loved ones who depended on you at the moment of greatest need in their lives. No substitute for good preparation (PERIOD)!

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