VIDEO: How to Really Hit a Guy in the Nuts.

VIDEO: How to Really Hit a Guy in the Nuts.

A “night in the ruts”…

Believe it or not…most people train this wrong.

Most people train to hit “at” the testicles which will hit the pubic bone (or bladder if you’re lucky) however, this type of strike path (and upward strike) will lack the penetrating force needed to cause damage to those target areas.

The testicles are like a “speed bag” if you hit at them they will move out of the way. This is a safety feature. Think about this — the genitals are extremely important to any species so they are tucked away in a protected area – which makes them difficult to access.

So in order to do MAXIMUM damage they must be SMASHED UPWARD into the pelvis or pulled, squeezed and crushed.

This is why in order to REALLY hit the nuts you need to step in between his legs and drive UP following with the FOWARD DRIVE.

A simple adjustment of a few inches forward and the forward drive makes all the difference.

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  1. Great subject matter in your videos but the sound quality is all over the place. Usually, the volume is way too low, but at other times It is excessive. Try some sound checks first, please.

      1. Seriously… we’re just working out… I’m not Spielberg.
        Glad you’re enjoying the free content.

  2. Damien,
    Wanted to send a quick thank you for this and the other freebie videos you provide to everyone. Good techniques, some food for thought, and directly presented with minimal bullshit. All good things! For those who find fault, disregard those ungrateful bastards! 😎 You’re doing great work!

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