Home Invasion Video

Home Invasion Video

The set up – victim places an ad in local craigslist to sell her ex-boyfriend’s tools. 

Unassuming, non threatening woman responds to the ad. 

Arrives, sizes up the situation and calls in the muscle to execute the robbery. 

Criminals use disarming tactics to set you at ease. They get you to drop your guard and grant them access. There’s no doubt the victim was focused on getting cash for the tools.

We’re not here to criticize, only to learn and avoid mistakes made by others.

What could she have done differently? 

Met the buyer in a public place, like a coffee shop or busy parking lot and make the exchange there. 

It’s not convenient, but unless you have other people at your home who look like they’re going to resist – these are the adaptations you need to make in order to stay safe. 

Lucky for this victim they didn’t take more because this could have gone a lot worse. 

Train Honestly, 


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