[VIDEO] Was this attack REALLY Random?

[VIDEO] Was this attack REALLY Random?

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — The NYPD is trying to identify a man seen wearing a suit and tie who was involved in a brutal beating inside the Times Square subway station.

On the night of Feb. 27, a 22-year-old man was standing on the subway platform of the Times Square subway station when an unidentified man approached him from behind and assaulted him, police said.

During the seemingly random attack, the man was punched several times, thrown to the ground and then kicked while on the platform floor, police said.

The victim suffered bruising and swelling to his face and two chipped teeth, police said.

The suspect (pictured above) is described as a man in his 30s standing 6-feet-tall and weighing about 240 pounds, police said. The man was last seen wearing a gray overcoat, a white shirt with a dark colored striped tie, dark colored pants and black shoes, police said.

Police did not provide a possible motive for the violent assault.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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Was this attack REALLY random? 

Look, if you can’t see it you can’t defend it. PERIOD. There’s no secret ninja trick – would you believe I used to stand in the dojo and have my buddy throw tennis balls at my back because I thought I could develop a sixth sense (yes I was whacky once too!)

So AWARENESS is your first and foremost line of defense and I submit that this attack could have been avoided or at least seen.

Seemingly random attack.  I promise you – it wasn’t.  No attack ever is.

What could have provoked it?

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the subject is having a shit day and the victim looks like the guy he caught banging his wife – who knows.

One thing’s for sure – the subject didn’t JUST DECIDE to hit that guy on the platform. 

At some point he SIZED HIM UP and decided – THIS IS THE GUY I’M GOING TO TAKE MY DAY OUT ON.

Now to a reasonable person that seems insane – and it is, but people who do this are not reasonable and THIS IS WHY YOU EDUCATE YOURSELF.

This is also why every encounter can’t be looked upon as trivial.

We all know that at some point, the subject was staring at the victim – with some real HATE. 

Now if you’re not paying attention, if you’re in your phone, with your earbuds in, you’re clueless and you’re going to miss that and stuff like this is going to happen to you.

Remember the subject did this because he thought he could get away with it…and he was right.

Oh and one more thing –  Notice all the people stepping into help – YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN MY FRIEND.

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  1. Disgusting what’s out there. I couldn’t agree more that awareness is always your first line of defense. Keep eyes open and if and when shit hits the fan make sure you’re prepared. This certainly wasn’t “just random”. Thanks for sharing Damian.

  2. At the cost to be called a sociopath, I have to say that this was very well done on the attacker’s part. He saw the guy, he zeroed on him, made a stealthy approach and then beat the crap out of him. He attacked ruthlessly and without stopping until his victim was down & out. Then he left the scene. The victim on the other hand didn’t pay attention as he should have done and was punished for that. This is more or less how I was taught to attack growing up in a hard part of my town. Street smart I guess.

    1. Not at all Dan, I think it’s great that you took this perspective because of two reasons.

      1. This is what we’re up against.
      2. How can you use this tactic to my advantage.

      There’s a reason in the SDTS we:
      Don’t indicate we know anything or have intent on using force.
      Don’t posture or try to intimidate
      Set our distance by backing up (if possible)
      Then attack like we do.

      This is what has the best possible chance of working.

  3. It looks like a good counter attack would have been straight in to Villain’s throat/neck, since he left it wide open with his series of right hooks. Too bad for the Innocent who was ambushed. Fractions of seconds are critical.

    1. Agreed Pete, but let’s not forget about the OH SHIT moment – that second when you start to come to grips with what is actually happening to you.

      Even cops, military and security – who are in positions that expect violence have an OH SHIT moment.

      Because there’s still a small part of you that can’t believe it’s actually going to happen…even though you expect it.

      And this poor kid (I’m assuming he’s not Special Forces)…didn’t have a chance.

  4. True DIALISIS of a life threatening situation, knowing your surroundings is key,for instance that dog looks like it would take a bite out of me,it’s showing its teeth,growling and creeping up real slow with its eyes TRAINED on mine,knowing is all,that assailant was a mad dog,you right Damion some people today are to preoccupied TO NOTICE, it’s gonna leave a sycological scare on the victim, P.T.S.D.,PANIC ATTACKS, FEAR! AND THE UNKNOWN, GET INTO THE KNOWING KNABOR,SINSERILY KING M.OUT.

  5. When i was young i learned the hard way. Trust no one. Respect everyone. But be true to yourself..some thing that took me year’s to learn and then to understand.


  6. Damien, What’s the chance this guy is a pro? I’m positive he has administered pain like this before. Whether he was paid for this assault, we will never know. But he has done this before.

    1. No doubt he has experience and confidence in this approach. Most likely a good street fighter.

      Let’s game this out… if he was a pro then the mark obviously pissed someone off.

      Then the reason is that someone just wanted to lump him up – it wasn’t about information or money because he would have brought him someplace where he would verbally communicate the reason for the beating.

      Also, if he was a pro, why not wait until he’s someplace there aren’t any cameras? I get that witnesses don’t really matter because if that camera wasn’t there – he would have gotten away clean.

      Then of course, there are good and bad professionals :)

  7. A tiger claw, throat punch, eye gouge following with a saddle kick would’ve ended the fight or at least made the victim a hard target. God, I hate bullies so much. I wish the victim was an SDC member, the outcome would’ve been totally different.

    We should get the victim’s name and invite him in!

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