Not all self defense advice is good advice.

This webinar your hosts Damian Ross and George Hutchings from the Self Defense Company are going to put the following topics to the test…

-Why sparring ISN’T needed for Self Defense

-The harsh reality about your “fighting stance”

-Why Martial arts train you to LET YOUR ATTACKER WIN

-The problem with training partners

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    this is working and i am able to view it

  2. Jerry 12 months ago
    Member Since: 07/13/15

    Thank you for the privilege to attend your 2nd great Self Defense Mistakes’ webinar. I loved it! I took detailed notes the entire time. It was packed with practical information, essential survival “do’s and don’ts”, and sensible explanations of reality-based defense that I NEVER received from my earlier martial art trainings in different systems. I recall my Hapkido instructor telling me “if possible” to give an aggressor 3 chances to back-off BEFORE taking defensive action. Another time he was teaching me a 4 or 5 movement arm-shoulder lock and throw technique from an arm grab, and I asked “Why can’t I just punch my aggressor in the face with my free hand “only 1 move” once he grabs me?” “Boy”, I have sure changed my thinking and defensive tactics since then with much thanks to you. These days, I would never allow anyone to get close enough to grab me if I can help it, and never try the complex bending, turning, stepping, and twisting techniques taught to me years ago. Thank you again for all that you do for me and the rest of us who are open to learn tactics that give the best odds for survival.

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