Webinar - Self Defense BEFORE Self Defense – The Self Defense Company

Webinar – Self Defense BEFORE Self Defense

Webinar – Self Defense BEFORE Self Defense

Self Defense Company Founder Damian Ross and Head of Instructor Development George Hutchings give you what you need to do before self defense…the self defense before the “self defense”.

This is the most overlooked (and most important) aspect of self defense. This is also largely ignored by the mainstream martial arts world who skip past this critical part and put right into use of force scenarios.


In this webinar we will cover:

  1. The Correct Tactical Mindset
  2. Three Phases of Self Defense
  3. The Evolution of an Assault
  4. The Two Primary Elements of Self Defense
  5. Stages of Action
  6. Three Things Every Criminal Fears
  7. Three Principals of Close Quarter Battle
  8. Four Objectives of Self Defense
  9. The AWARE System
  10. Conditions of Awareness
  11. Five Threat Response Options
  12. Your Six Self Defense Resources
  13. Musashi’s Three Levels of pre-emption
  14. Wiseman’s Vital Pyramid
  15. The Six Use of Force Principles
  16. The Four Reasons to Avoid the Ground
  17. The Six Tactics When Dealing with Multiple Attackers
  18. The Action vs. Reaction Theory
  19. The Four Exposures of Edged Weapons and Firearms
  20. The “E’s” for Weapon Defenses
  21. Three Principles of Edged Weapon Defense
  22. The Four Rules for Weapon Defensive Tactics

We cover a lot – please post questions and comments below.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Hi Damian and George. I hope you provide ways to practice and test our reactions for situational awareness. That stuff, the pre-violence awareness is largely mental: attitude, understanding, focused and properly filtered observation, gauging risk, etc etc. For physical action, you guys show us how to strike, and we can watch, try it, maybe record ourselves, and compare what we do vs. what we see you guys do in the videos. Not so much with mental stuff. As you guys have noted in your instruction, to learn techniques you have to hit something, have to practice. So, how can we practice and test the quality of our situational awareness – without wandering through the bad parts of town :-) How can we hit things mentally and see if we’re doing it right? – Thx Bob T.

    1. Bob

      This is excellent and when we speak on Monday this is a perfect topic to discuss. We absolutely have training in place that you can utilize to practice your physical skills while implementing the correct mindset. There are many drills that I think you and others will benefit greatly from. I’ll plan to put these on video soon for everyone.

      1. Attitude is developed by how you practice.

        For example… I can say do 5 edge of hands… and you do them… you go hard.

        But then I ask you to think about a time you were embarrassed. You wanted to do something but couldn’t. You wished you had said something or stepped up… but didn’t… hey we all have those moments…USE THEM.

        Now with that fresh on your mind… hit the dummy.

        1. Awesome suggestion. We also can incorporate a throttle intensity drill.
          Take the same edge of hand strike. Start hitting the bag or Bob at 25% force. Next hit at 50% then your current 100% level of force.

          From there mix it up. Move between the levels. This teaches you to throttle up as you deal with a higher level threat and throttle down if you need to. I do this with all my strikes during practice.

          Also when you are hitting the bag or Bob you are never just hitting that. You are hitting people. Boxing had taught us to use visualization when shadow boxing. See your opponent. Imagine their movements. Their reactions. Implement the same idea when you strike but hit with a real “fuck you” attitude on every strike.

      2. Right – this is also why the majority of the training is on a dummy. You can’t (and don’t want to) do that to your buddy.

        Dehumanize the target.

        1. Couldn’t help the snarky comment… But what I meant to put in first that I really, really enjoyed the webinar. Good stuff. Many thanks.

    2. I trained with a fellow as a security professional who had worked in a SOG and armored car security. He used to tell a story about two of his guards that got ambushed while doing a pick up because the look out was distracted by curiosities that were on display at the pick up sight. We use to do drills where a group of us would go to a public place and somebody we would normally recognize would come stop at two or three tiendas buy some stuff and leave. The person that could correctly identify the tiendas won a prize. If you could correctly identify the tiendas and what they bought you got a bright shinny star. We were training for skip trace, but the principle is the same be aware of everything around you even behind you. Look for vantage points. Windows and chrome are mirrors. Basically man, stay awake and use your peripheral vision. The bad guys usually will be the ones looking at you like they don’t want you looking at them. Alternatively, they may be unusually passive and coincidentally keep showing up on the radar. My suggestion would be. Agree to meet with training partners in a public place like a mall or shopping center. Go separately and see if you can find each other something like that.

      1. That’s great – thanks for posting. Drills like that are great for getting you in the habit of just staying aware.

  2. Hi Damian and George I am really looking forward to the webinar there is a lot of good information and advice.
    Many thanks,
    Best regards,
    Steve (Italy)

  3. If you are reading this, and are part of the SDTS class, PLEASE attend!!!! If you learn and practice the pre-fight indicators, you will need less actual Combatives learning because the pre-fight indicators will help you avoid trouble. Unlike most of the internet and the brick and mortar teachers, we also teach pre-fight, mid-fight, and post-fight requirements and practices. “How do I know I am being singled out for an attack? ” “What will they do before they actually attack me?” “How do I protect myself from the attack?” “What do I do after the fight?” “What do I say to the police that will keep me out of jail and prison?” You see, there is much more to learn besides just the five basic strikes and the combinations of the strikes. See you Tuesday. L-5

  4. Damian and George, I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys teach us what we need to know so that we will be ready and able to defend ourselves at all times.

  5. Thank you Damian and the rest of your team for keeping us in the loot and protected. I’m setting a reminder now for February 4.

  6. Incorporate into the education that for parents, children, school, corporate in order that each realize not knowing, doing the wrong reaction, wrong response accelerates the probability of a lethal encounter by thy own error. Education has reason and procedural levels for due cause, a failure to learn is as certain a highest risk choice as is knowable. Those no longer here due to bad education, warnings, what to do statements is ample reason for one hundred percent of us to have formal education in this sector, simply to stay alive. The omission of this level, many levels, is inexcusable as we are all subject to being the victim of evil, it is a force to be met with force, education and wisdom applying immediatre responses, nothing less. A father, a parent so knows the shortfalls in such education in America, many times in arrears; do not make such errors, it can and will happen, let it not be to you either. The best of bad ass persons, can make lethal errors due to bad, or no education, against evil; undertake the training. You can make a real difference, pass it forward, please. The loss is horrendous.

  7. Excitedly looking forward…

    I will inform all my students & clients about this aswell.

    It looks super interesting!!!

    Mario Karam
    SDC Lebanon

  8. Thanks for tonights webinar Damian and George you covered some very good topics and it was good to live chat to both of you and Karam, im looking forward to the second one.
    Best regards to you all
    Steve (Italy)

  9. Excellent webinar Damian and George! The SDTS has so much in depth material, really glad I’m an Elite member. The benefits far surpass any other system I’ve researched.

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