“Wait until he throws the first punch” only works in the school yard and at the family reunion. In the street – you have NO IDEA who you’re up against and waiting for the actual attack will get you killed. 

Let me ask you…would you let Mike Tyson (or any other professional fighter) throw the first punch?

NO – of course not – yet every day, millions of people are learning self defense and letting their attacker –

1.Enter their personal space.

2. Physically assault  them FIRST.

Well you’re not going to make that mistake — because in this video I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to know your attacker’s intentions with 100% certainty — before the first punch is EVER thrown.

This is from 60 Minute Self Defense featuring The Self Defense Training System (SDTS).

Some more things to consider….

There are times when you KNOW your attacker isn’t dangerous – I used the school yard and the family reunion as an example. Here you know the person involved and you have a pretty good idea they don’t want to kill you (on second thought…if you met my family…) but in the street – that person could be your worst nightmare.

You MUST assume the worst and hope for the best. Do not give ANYONE the opportunity to put their hands on you if you can help it.

As soon as someone comes into your personal space, you need to REACT and we show you EXACTLY how to do that in 60 minute Self Defense.

All of your defenses must be INSTINCTIVE and CONVULSIVE.

To learn more about 60 Minute Self Defense visit: https://pages.myselfdefensetraining.com/60minute.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross

The Self Defense Company

Bodyguard Personal Armor


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