What if he puts his hands up?

What if he puts his hands up?

Let me ask you this…if I handed you a chainsaw, would you care if your attacker puts his hands up?!?!?

No, you would just cut through them and that’s exactly what Self Defense Company Instructor George Hutchings is teaching with the SDTS Blast Through here…

George went to train with Lee Morrison at the Urban Combatives Center. Instructor Morrison was gracious enough to let George teach some SDTS Concepts.

Thank you for the opportunity Mr. Morrison.

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  1. That’s one thing I love about being part of SDC and the business of self protection… I see that the best instructors never stop learning.

  2. when someone puts their hands up, that’s often a great time to put your own hands up — open and palms out–and state loudly, so every iPhone in the room can pick it up: “I don’t want to fight you,” and back away carefully, without turning your back on the other guy.

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