What if

What if

“What if?!?!”
Are you a ‘What IF’ Guy (or Gal)?

Without fail, during a seminar there’s going to be “what if” questions. It’s always some type of “counter move” to what you’re teaching. I get it, you want to prepared for all of the possibilities of what could happen out there. 

Well let me end your worries. 

If an attacker thinks you’re going to defend yourself against a particular attack, he’s either not going to attack you or he’s going to try a different approach. 

Take the “Gun in the back” defense for example.
Without fail when practicing this defense, someone is going to put their finger in your back instead of the gun.

I don’t know why this is, but everyone does it. 

The reality is this – if the attacker thought you were going to defend a “gun in the back” they wouldn’t bother with that approach. Instead they would use another method they thought would give them the greatest chance for success or they would simply move on to an easier target they thought wouldn’t resist. 

Humans, like all other species, follow the path of least resistance to accomplish a task. If an attacker thinks there’s going to be resistance they will seek another, easier solution to their problem. 

 All attacks are executed based on the premise that they’re going to work.

It’s not a game where he’s does a move and then you do a move. It’s an attack where he’s going to try to take what he wants from you in the best way he can.

He’s expects his first attempt to work. He’s not going to expect you to fight back.

This gives you the advantage. 

Questions are good, but please…keep the “what if’s” to a minimum because you could “What if” any scenario to death.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
Founder/CEO the Self Defense Company

Published by theselfdefenseco

Founder, The Self Defense Company