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Where Are Your F#CKING Manners?

Where Are Your F#CKING Manners?

Where Are Your F#CKING Manners?

“You would NEVER speak to me like that if you were standing in front me” is the thought that popped into my head during another email exchange with what I assume to be a human being yesterday.

The internet is great for a lot of things, but it has deteriorated the way in which we communicate and has caused a serious lack of respect in the way we treat one another. There is underlying hate that runs in our society and I believe it’s being perpetuated by the social media.

This is the exchange I received yesterday. This woman, Dawn, was upset because she filled out her name and email to get 4 free lessons and knock out cheat sheet here: https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com she filled in her name and email.

Now the problem was that our automated system made a mistake and was putting N/A in the name field. So when she received her automated message it was addressed to “N/A”. (We are in the process of correcting the problem and I apologize). 

A normal person would send a message like “Hi, I filled out my name in your form and it addressed the message to N/A, you might want to look at this.”

That’s it, a normal response to a simple problem. Now before I post her words and our exchange you need to realize something.

1. She got exactly what was promised.

2. It did not cost her anything.

Our automated email to Dawn

“Hi N/A,

Recently, we’ve been surveying people who were thinking about signing up for The Self Defense Training System, and one question we get asked a lot is ‘How does this work’.

So, we’re holding free webinars (if you don’t know already, a ‘webinar’ is an online meeting) today and tomorrow to show you exactly how it works.  The Self Defense Training System will give you everything you need to know about self defense – from the basic to the brutal, and we hope you’ll join us on the call for the details.

You can register for the call here:


Train honestly,

Damian Ross”

Response from Dawn Ve#### (ve#####.#75@gmail.com)

“Wtf how rude you say Hi n/a….. What the f~~k is wrong with my god damn name….signed up with a name……use the damn thing.. Bitches”

My Response to Dawn

“You’re gone. Good bye.”

Response from Dawn Ve#### (ve#####.#75@gmail.com)

“Good fuck you prick! Thankx & fuck off”

My Response to Dawn

“Don’t go away mad…just go away.”

Response from Dawn Ve#### (ve#####.#75@gmail.com)

“Got a piece of I don’t give a fuck for you pussy. Big man through the internet huh! Your nothing but a bitchass nigga in my book homes..eat me motherfucker!”

My final response to Dawn is this blog post.

“Dear Ms. Ven####,

You have been black listed from the Self Defense Company and your IP address has been banned. I will not tolerate this behavior and will not have Self Defense Company staff, instructors and employees deal with people like you.

I definitely DO NOT want you to know any of the Self Defense Company tactics and training. I will not share my life’s work with someone like you for any amount of money.

In short – you are what’s wrong with society. The “freedom” of the internet has emboldened you to spew what ever discontent and hate that pops into your brain without any thought to how the world views you.

You have no self respect and you have an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

You are what’s wrong with this world. You’re why people will ignore cries for help – you’re selfish and you give zero consideration to others.

I’m glad you responded in the way you did, if you didn’t, I might have let you in the gate.

Good bye Dawn.”

My only suggestion to anyone who wants to be taken seriously is to post comments as if you were standing in front of that person. Send emails as if we were having a conversation. Be polite, give the benefit of the doubt until you realize you’re being scammed.

I know the internet is full of people who give you nothing for something, it makes my life harder to convince you that what I have is something of value. But you need to think before you post, you need to think before you write. The internet has made interaction too fast, too easy and strangely personal and anonymous at the same time.

I feel this is the reason that the nature of violence and disregard for one another has escalated. When people spew their hate and others join in, it creates an acceptance and a culture of hate. It confirms negative behavior and gives it justification. It’s like a mob mentality only now it’s scaled to maximum proportions with social media.

We need to start injecting manners into what we do and how we live – give a little respect first, then if it’s not reciprocated, you know how to deal with that person.

Don’t be a Dawn.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
The Self Defense Company


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Agree 100% Damian. This “person” is not even worth responding to.

    Sadly, I think that she probably would talk like that to you if she was standing in front of you, as long as there would be bystanders and eye-witnesses nearby. 
    1 on 1 with you in the middle of a forest or in the desert, probably not…


  3. Wow!!!  I assume with the name “Dawn” this “person” is female.  Not only does she lack any social skills but self control.  A person with that type of attitude doesn’t deserve your product.  That’s like giving a 3 y.o a 9mm.  Good work blocking her

  4. Wow!!!  I assume with the name “Dawn” this “person” is female.  Not only does she lack any social skills but self control.  A person with that type of attitude doesn’t deserve your product.  That’s like giving a 3 y.o a 9mm.  Good work blocking her

  5. Congrats on how you handled this selfish prick and your probably right…. She doesn’t need to know what you could have taught her!!!!!

  6. _weightloss284 You may be right. Something has happened to people as a result of social media. A bizarre mix of familiarity and anonymity. They feel comfortable enough to say anything that pops into their head and at the same time, feel isolated enough that when they do say something, they can’t be touched. 

    Anyway…you should have seen here following email. No way I was posting that…it does go in the hate mail archives though.

  7. Funny follow up from someone who got the email blast about the article…completely different person who thought I was talking directly to them…I guess some people only read the subject line…

  8. DamianRoss, not only am I glad that you called this person out on her VERY RUDE behavior, but I have also turned this exchange and your experience into a “learning lesson” for my 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter. This back and fourth, as vial as she was, truly shows the anonymity that the Net provides. It’s cover for “Trolls” like her and I’m thankful you brought this to our attention. Although her language is not something my children are used to ever hearing in this household, it drove the point home and was very beneficial and a great “teachable moment” for me as a father to my kids. I applaud your character and that is what my children took away from your unfortunate encounter. God Bless you sir! I must admit, when I first say the initial email, my blood did start to boil, not knowing if you were directing the “Where the F*%K are your Manners?!” I’m glad I read it and didn’t just delete it. Thx again Damian and cudos for your professionalism.

  9. She needs anger Management not self defense. What a horrible, angry, and miserable woman. It must suck to live that way. I’m thinking, she is one of those people who gets treated “badly” by everyone. I’m sure she is completely innocent and always a victim. Lol

  10. Jbird5170 Thank you and I’m honored that you used this exchange to educate your kids. It was the topic of conversation at our house. 
    I wish this was unique, but it’s not. This generation has a level of entitlement and disrespect that the world has never known. 
    The only advantage to us is that our kids will have an advantage over their peers. The bigger picture is trying to “take back” a little bit of society that’s getting lost among the tweets and the likes.

  11. You are correct in saying that the internet has created people who can spout out anything they want without any consequences. They think they have a safe zone and have no regard for others. They DO have a HUGE sense of entitlement. I know who they are. They are the generation of disrespect of others, self-serving, no respect for themselves, and should have had their butt whipped when growing up by loving parents, (which are becoming rare these days). I’m not talking about abuse, but a good loving reminder that, this kind of BEHAVIOR is totally unacceptable anywhere. You handled the situation with dignity as society is going through the unprecedented feelings of hate and vengeance we seem to have. Society is not going to get any better. We are at the crossroads. This is why people need self-defense from these crazy, mindless, people. We don’t know when people like that are going to be face-to-face with us anywhere anymore.

  12. Sorry That I’m missing out with from the Webner I work 14 hours last night got home at 10 this morning and back to work for Double tonight any way I’m very interested in self defense I work night security so if you don’t hear from me I’m still very interested all the best Konrad

  13. KonradvonFalkenstein No problem. You’re going to be getting a link to the recording. If you have any questions, just hit the email and I’ll answer them.

  14. SharetheMusic To compound the issue, the people can find thousands of others just like them to agree with their conduct, thus validating their views and giving it justification. 

    They’re entitled and feel disenfranchised by everyone 40 and older. I got help along the way, but no one gave me anything and everyday I fight for what I believe in.

  15. I work night security there time you need to know now to neutralize a situation for I work to tie bars apartment complex of I’m also carrying a Gluck Gen 3 40 cal that’s way I like to learn self defense have a great Sunday talk to you soon your package came Friday very helpful

  16. KonradvonFalkenstein Make sure you check out Guardian Weapon Retention >>> https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/guardian-weapon-retention-offer

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