Who is Captain Chris Pizzo

Who is Captain Chris Pizzo

The return of Christopher Lawrence Pizzo, Captain Chris Pizzo or Lt X.

Chris Pizzo made a name for himself as Lt. X and then later as Captain Chris Pizzo selling combatives DVD’s through the Close Combat Company name to thousands of people. Chris Pizzo’s marketing and promotion made OUTRAGEOUS claims. He claimed to be in the Special Forces and served in the HUMNIT, he also claimed to have survived and “aggressive strain of cancer” which is still on his LinkedIn Profile. Chris also claimed to have been a bouncer, survived a street fight where a “biker chick” tried to stab him,  traveled all over the world training elite soldiers and assassins  – none of which is true.

Chris Pizzo also claimed his martial arts prowess as elite laying claim to have won hundreds of tournaments.  And as you will discover…none of this is true.

In 2007, Chris Pizzo was engaged in a law suit with his former combatives and judo instructor Damian Ross. After Pizzo and Ross parted ways in October of 2007, Mr’ Pizzo sold $1.2 million worth of Mr. Ross’ name and likeness and was sued (and lost). As you will discover Mr. Pizzo revealed in a sworn deposition that these claims were false and his personas of Captain Chris and Lt. X were merely characters designed to sell his products. Which in comparison would be like “Tony the Tiger”. The problem is Tony the Tiger didn’t give medical advice or pretend to be a real person, like Chris claimed.

Christopher Lawrence Pizzo was a student of Self Defense Company Founder Damian Ross

The Truth About Chris Pizzo

Captain Chris Pizzo

So where has Chris Pizzo been since 2015? Paying off Damian Ross. As part of his settlement agreement, Chris was only allowed to sell his products on UDEMY and use that money to pay off his settlement agreement. As of June 16th 2020, Chris has fulfilled his financial obligation and it is our guess he is now free to market his version of combatives and self defense once again – one can only imagine what he will claim this time around…

To the best of My Knowledge, this is what I know about Chris Pizzo…

The following is based on my personal experience with Chris up until 2015. It is based on my experience and the testimony he gave in his deposition during our 6 year lawsuit. After the beginning of 2016, I have no idea what Chris was up to.

Chris Pizzo grew up in Franklin Lakes New Jersey. His father was an ear, nose and throat doctor. He attended Indian Hills High School and  graduated in 1991. He went to Ithaca College and had semester of ROTC at neighboring Cornell University. After his first year he left (we don’t know if he failed out, was homesick or didn’t like it) and transferred to local state school William Paterson University where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in graphic design.

For a few years he designed for a toy company and then landed a job as a teacher and Bergen County Vocational School (not Bergen Academies as indicated on his LinkedIn Profile). He taught from 1999 to 2005 and it was during this time, he stated Noble Learning, and LT.X was born.

Chris came to my Pompton Lakes Dojo in 2004. He claimed to have earned a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do as a child  from Master Bai in Ramsey, NJ and a Green Belt in Judo from Ogasawara in Westwood, NJ. I could verify the green belt from Ogasawara since I was an instructor in the USJF. But I could not verify his black belt – either way it was a non-issue because Chris wanted to start as a white belt.

Over the next year Chris and I became friends and training partners. He was tough, strong and worked hard. He loved the combatives and soon realized that people should be learning it. I didn’t know at the time he was LT X. I didn’t know Lt X. existed. I knew he was a teacher and had a company that sold CDs to help kids concentrate on their homework.

I mentioned that I was selling combatives videos of me and my instructor Carl Cestari online. Chris suggested I look at some of Dan Kennedy and Matt Furey’s content and he started helping me market my videos. His suggestions worked and I sold more.

After a few more months (it was right after my dad died in 2005) he revealed that he was LT X and then he showed me how much he was making selling low budget videos of him in a balaclava doing typical self defense moves you would find in any strip mall.

He said he needed my lineage and content to bring this over the top. It was then he took over my content and we created more for the new programs. Over the next two years we had an extremely lucrative and fun relationship. Chris handled the marketing and distribution, I provided the content.

During this time, I was competing a lot in Judo and Chris was one of my primary training partners. He was consistent and good in the dojo – however, Chris really didn’t like competing and did not perform well in competitions. That’s why when he later claimed to have won all of those championships in his advertising I found it funny.

Things started to turn the summer of 2007. Chris began thinking that he didn’t need me and he would “become the expert” and truth be told – he was right in the sense that most anyone could be “the expert”. All you needed was good marketing and a great offer.

So we started to renegotiate my contract and he offered me pennies on the dollar. And in October 2007 we parted ways…but that was not all.

Chris took it upon himself to finance his new venture with my content and not pay me. Over the course of 3 months he sold $1.2 million worth of my videos. What followed was a 6 year law suit that traveled though 4 states and ended with a victory for the good guys (me).

Link to the lawsuit Cris Pizzo lost :

During his deposition we discovered:

  • He was never in the army or any armed forces (his grandfather was)
  • He did not have cancer
  • He did not travel outside the United States

I met Chris in 2004 and knew where he was until 2007. Then he moved to California. To the best of my knowledge he has been training in Brazilian Jujitsu. He purchased Gracie Barra around 2010 but that deal fell through and they wound up taking it back. He was teaching at another local club and started a company “Way of the Warrior” teaching martial artists how to get high end clients. I don’t know how Chris has earned his living since 2015, but I don’t think he ever taught a high end client. He did teach a handful of classes for me.

So that being said, it looks like Chris Pizzo is back in the self defense world. He was on Udemy (still is I think) but he was using that to pay me off – now that he’s finished paying me off (Thank You) he is back in business! So welcome back my old student.


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